Friday, 29 April 2011

I won an award!!

I'm so excited, I won an award!  I can't believe it - someone else not only reads my whitterings, but even thinks they're alright...  Thanks Cuckoo!  I'm just so chuffed.  It's so hard to be objective about your own blog - every one else's always looks better/sounds better/inspires more and so it's just lovely to think that somebody might be enjoying mine too.
I'm going to pass it on to Cupcakejojo.  This blog is a recent discovery for me, but it looks lovely, uses gorgeous colours and I'm looking forward to reading more... x


  1. Hello there! Oh my goodness, thank you! I feel exactly the same as you.....can't quite believe someone reads my blog and maybe likes what they see especially when there some really gorgeous, beautiful and talented blogs out there. Thank you so much!

    I've really enjoyed having a look around your blog :) so many lovely, inspiring posts!

    Hope you have a great Bank Holiday weekend!

    Jo x

  2. well done, your blog is gorgeous you deserve an award. I am still deliberating about a name lol!