Monday, 4 April 2011


Yesterday saw a double-whammy celebration in the nut house - it was Mother's Day and baby nut's first ever birthday (I can't believe it - one already - gulp). 
The two spotty parcels at the front of this picture were for lucky old me.  I got a lovely floral apron from a recent craft fair at my boys' school and a HUGE box of chocolates (I would have taken a photo of it, but unfortunately it's half empty and hey, I wouldn't want you to think I was greedy or anything). 
What do you think of the Easter slash birthday decorations?  I do love a bit of accessorising:
I think baby nut really enjoyed her day - she quickly got the hang of the important business of unwrapping (with a little help from her two willing assistants):
She absolutely loved the dairy/wheat-free crispie cakes I made (obviously her mother's daughter - it's chocolate all the way for us girls!) though just shook her head when we tried to give her the raspberry rabbit jelly.  I was just relieved that it came out of the mould in one piece - that was a nerve-wracking moment, I can tell you.  I just couldn't get the candle to stand up in the jelly, so after a bit of head scratching, I came up with this - what do you think? 
For some reason I felt a bit sad about her birthday (apart from the fact that she's my last baby and she's growing up so fast) - I felt that she was missing out somehow by not being able to eat so many things.  It's silly, because she has no idea how limited her diet is, but I just would have loved to have been able to make her a lovely cake.  She's at an age now where she wants to eat what we're eating and she understandably gets frustrated when we won't give her things, but how can you explain to a one-year-old that something will make them poorly?  x


  1. April 3rd is a mighty fine day to have a birthday - here's to your little one....I have a feeling she is going to grow into a wonderful, kind hearted and very special kind of person. Biased aside - wink, wink.

    Nina xxx

  2. Sounds like a lovely day had by all.
    Allergies..hmm I don't know... I was lucky in that c was my oldest so no-one having other things in front of her. I do think it made her very accepting that no really means no... Hope she grows out if at least some of them...