Sunday, 17 April 2011

Easy like Sunday morning...

Today I had one of those blissfully calm mornings that, frankly, don't happen often round here.  I was out the house before half seven to let my friend's chickens out for the day.
And what a momentous day it was - all four of those lovely birds had laid an egg.  At under 20 weeks old, this is pretty good going.  Well done girls!
My friend with the chickens (let's call her Mrs Hen) has got one of those beautiful gardens that you can just gaze at and marvel at how everything looks so vigorous and alive and healthy.  I would dearly love a garden like hers, but I'm just not sure how compatible it would be with the football pitch element of my garden.  One day, maybe...
Back at home, I enjoyed the early morning quiet while I hung out a lot of washing.  There was so much washing that I ran out of pegs.  That doesn't often happen - I have a lot of pegs.
It was just so lovely to be out in the garden on my own, enjoying the sun, while Mr Nut was inside making pancakes for breakfast and containing the mayhem as best he could. 
Everywhere I turned, I saw things bursting into life:
This lovely little bay tree had been sitting by the door, waiting to be potted up, for several weeks and I finally got around to giving it a new home:
The smell from the leaves as I rubbed against them was just lovely, as it was from my four little blackcurrant bushes when I spread some lovely compost around them.  I have high hopes for a good crop this year - I was amazed to see teeny blackcurrants already forming among the leaves (if you look carefully, you can just see them right in the middle of the top photo, at the base of the leaves):
I almost had to do a little happy dance when I saw these, but as they're in the front garden and I was therefore visible to all my neighbours, I thought I better hadn't.  I think they already suspect I'm completely bonkers though - who in their right mind would get down on their knees in the flowerbed to take photos??
These little beauties have yet to receive any attention from me, however:
Can you just see the tiny new berry in the middle of this photo?  I bought these little alpine strawberries at the local farmer's market this morning - the lady selling them told me they're especially good in jam.  And who am I to argue with that idea? x

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  1. Vigorous, alive and healthy are not words any one would use to describe our garden at the moment unless referring to the weeds! It's my fault, I don't like gardening, ours is far too big for us too so it's over whelmng.

    Pass my congrats on to the chickens for a job well done ;oD

    Glad you had a good morning xxx