Saturday, 9 April 2011


Aaaah, isn't this great?  Doesn't the sun just make everything peachy?  Yesterday I managed to sneak half an hour in the garden for a bit of blissful hooky time while baby nut was asleep.
(fyi: I didn't eat the entire packet of biscuits)
Yet again, an 'interim project' has sneaked in to my affections, so work on the springtime throw is on hold for the moment.  I saw some gorgeous little stars on this lovely blog here and just had to have a go myself, using up the leftover yarn from my recent hexy project.
They are so lovely and quick and easy to make and I know exactly where they are going to go when I've finished them.
As I explained in my first ever post, one of my missions for 2011 was to learn to crochet and I can't explain to what extent it's taken over my life.  (Though I'm sure that if you're reading this, you're of a similar mindset to me - so maybe you do know exactly what I mean?)  I just love it.  haaaaaah (happy sigh)
And on a completely random note: isn't this a brilliant tomato?
Bonkers?  Moi? x

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  1. Yup! You are truly bonkers! Bur so am I and I agree it is a fabulous tomato.

    Love what you've done with the stars, goo idea doing them in two colours. I might have a go after I've finished the embroidery thread ones...eventually.