Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Granny's garden of flowery loveliness

Aaaagh, I'm having a slightly panicky moment.  I've got so many things that I ought to be doing.  There's nothing enormous, just lots of fiddly little things, but when you add them all up there's enough to make me slightly hyperventilate. 
Eeeek. Must. Calm. Down...
mmmmmmm - lots of deep breaths and some photos from my gran's lovely garden - that should do the trick.
I asked my mum if this was a willow and she said that yes, it is a willow.  A wiggly willow.  If I ever start my own company I think I'll call it Wiggly Willow, I think it's a brilliant name.
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful - my gran's put so much time and love into this garden and it really shows.
Right, I need to go off and panic a bit more so I'll leave you with one last photo, because really, what blog post isn't enhanced by a picture of a ladybird's bottom? x

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  1. Just discovered your blog through Tales from Cuckoo land. Absolutely love the flower picci's, very cheerful. Leah x