Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Eggciting stuff!

I unintentionally got a bit side-tracked yesterday (can you get intentionally side-tracked?) for some reason I got to thinking too much about baby nut's crazy diet, when really what I should have been focusing on was all the loveliness about our day on Sunday.
There was a bit of starry theme to the day with Emma Bridgewater and Cath Kidston both featuring prominently (start brainwashing them at a young age, that's what I say).
The birthday bunting got its first official outing:
And I got to test my new apron:
It was a day of spending time with family, playing with the children and generally just unwinding (and, after all, isn't that absolutely what Mother's Day is about?)
The past few weeks have been madly, crazily busy - at times it's felt like we're on a treadmill that's got stuck on full speed.  Imagine my delight, then, when I turned the calendar over to this week's page and found that we have precisely NOTHING planned.  Deep, deep joy.  I really can't explain how great it is to just have a week where I can potter around the house, doing a bit of baking, the odd spot of cleaning (it is about a month since the beds have been changed - really) and just generally enjoying all things domestic.  
I absolutely had to make some of this - it's the yummiest, easiest banana bread ever - and we all love it.  (I really would love to post the recipe for this, I just need to work out how to have a separate page that you can only get to by clicking on a link...)  I actually caught big nut with a knife, cutting slices off this while it was still inside the tin and stuffing them into his mouth.  I told him to leave some for his dad, but this seems to have fallen on deaf ears (I was probably drowned out by his chewing)
And after one of those 'whaaaa....huh?.....nooooo, of course I hadn't forgotten that you had to take a blown, decorated egg into school tomorrow.  What's that you say?  It has to be done in the style of a royal figure from history?  Noooo problem' moments, I sat down with the two bigger nuts to get on with some impromptu egg decoration:
And even if I say so myself, I think the finished results are pretty darn eggcellent.  ho ho ho
I've never blown eggs before.  I actually thought my head was going to burst.  x


  1. I love the eggs, they are indeed eggcellent! Also live the bunting and your blog :)

  2. Hey Emily, beautiful, birthday bunting, banana cake, a lovely new apron and a bit of Emma and Cath, too nice.

    Hope you enjoyed your day.

    Love the eggy characters, very clever.
    Don't you just love those last minute projects?

    Claire :}