Monday, 2 May 2011

Beach and beech

I just thought I'd quickly share my last few photos of Dorset with you before I do a proper post about the weekend.  I honestly could have spent the whole time we were away, taking photos - I just love it down there.  (If I knew how to make the word 'love' flash there, I would - that is the extent of my adoration).  And, rather excitingly, the reason I couldn't do this post last night is because Mr Nut was using the computer to complete a job application for a job in....the southwest!  I have everything crossed for him (which is making it rather hard to type...) of our little outdoorsy activities was to visit a lovely National Trust property near my mum's that we often go to when we are visiting her.  The boys love it because the woods there are perfect for playing Robin Hood, having battles, building dens and having all manner of boy-related fun.
I love it because it's beautiful:
(I've no idea who the woman in the hat is - I hope she doesn't mind being on my blog!)
I wandered around with my mouth open taking pictures and having an internal debate about whether beech trees or oak trees are my favourite (sometimes I remind myself of Homer Simpson), baby nut tottered around looking at twigs and periodically sitting down for a bit of a leaf-scrunch and the boys got on with an important construction project:
It was generally quite idyllic and brilliant really and then, as if it couldn't get any better, we had an ice cream.  Happy days indeed.
And the second little outdoorsy activity I've yet to show you, was a trip to the beach (natch).  This was a bit of an impromptu visit and we weren't very well prepared, but it was still lovely.
What picnic is complete without jam sandwiches?
 What is it about boys that makes them need to have rough and tumble (does everyone call it that, or is it just us??) at absolutely any time and in any situation?  Will they every grow out of it?  Will I be sad when they do?
I say we weren't very well prepared, but of course I did have my crochet with me - like I've said before, I have got my priorities! x


  1. Ahhhh, King Alfreds Tower. The location of my misspent youth. Kissed far too many boys up there in the woods. Floozy. But that's how it is when you grow up in a sleeeeepy town. Good old Wincanton!

    Is that Sandbanks? It looks like the right sort of sand...can't remember grassy dunes there though so maybe not!

    Can't beat a Cath bag containing crochet can you?!

    How cool would it be if you came to live in the SW!???!! It is lovely around here. I'll gross everything for you too, including my eyes!



  2. Looks like you had a great day! Leah x

  3. I do not like this post lol!! Jobs far away....boooo. Enough being selfish...good luck :-)

  4. Hey Emily, good to see you've got your priorities right...........

    Jammie sammies, sunshine and the beach 'just perfick'.

    Beautiful pics a lovely sunny post and I bet the boys had heaps of fun building their den.

    Fingers crossed for the job too.

    Enjoy the rest of your week,

    Claire :}