Thursday, 26 May 2011

New recipes for you!

Just to let you know that I've added two new recipes under my 'cake' tab at the top of my blog.  Butternut squash and sweet potato soup (yeah, I know, not strictly 'cake') and nana's gingerbread, which doesn't look terribly rock n roll, but which tastes uh-may-zing.
I'd really love to hear from you if you've made any of my recipes (that's if you can still move...) x


  1. Well I'm trying a little made up diet at the moment which involves cutting all chocolate, cake and biscuits out. However the Butternut squash and sweet potatoe soup sounds very healthy - may give this a try.

    Leah x

  2. I'm definitely going to go have a look at these..! I lurrvve gingerbread, although I'm not sure if it'll help me much with my diet! Hopefully I'll be getting to target soonish, so will definitely give the recipe a try when I get there!

    Thank you for putting me on your 'blogs you love' list.. it's made me happy. :)

    Ashley xxx

  3. I am loving your blog, it's really coming together as a one-stop-shop for me! Crochet, baking and healthy cooking for my WW efforts... it's almost like you've built it with me in mind!

    I'll be back for a proper look after my mad trip to Newcastle tomorrow.

    Have a lovely weekend and thanks for continuing to read my waffle on my blog. Great to have a made a new virtual friend!

    Nicki xx

  4. ooooh how exciting... i am away for a little break but when i get back i am going to make your nana's gingerbread and i'll let you know how it goes.
    thank you
    you are now on my blog list, thank you for adding me to yours x
    j x

  5. Thanks for putting me on your blogroll. Really appreciate it. Right, must go look at the gingerbread recipe - yum! xx