Monday, 23 May 2011

I'm so square

I've been a busy bee these past couple of days: lots of little squares flying off my hook.  I am determined to finish my springtime throw sometime soon...  I've only got 44 of these little beasties left to make (is this the time to confess that I'm making it 2/3 size?  Ahem) and my mission for our little half-term break next week join them all together!  I'll keep you posted. x
PS - thank you so much for your lovely comments about my treat scarf and middle nut's willow fish - he was really, really thrilled by them. 
I've got two more recipes to add to my 'cake' tab and I'm going to put up a 'how to' for my treat scarf on my 'crochet' tab (just for you, Homebird!)  Just need to get my act together and actually do it now...


  1. Wow, I love the colours that you've used for you squares.. I can't wait to see the finished product..! :)

    Your mosaic at the top of your page looks gorgeous!


  2. I've only been away for a couple of days, come back and your blog has gone all fancy with special tabs at the top! How do you do those?! It's very professional. And I'm with Country Rose, the mosaic at the top looks gorgeous!

    Can't wait to see the tutorial in the new fancy crochet tab so let me know when you've posted it. I promise to make it straight away and can be your guinea pig for following your patterns! I am making a nuisance of myself asking for little patterns at the moment but I find blog tutorials easier to follow than books. Sorry!

    Can't wait to see the springtime throw in all it's glory. The squares are coming on a treat aren't they.

    Nicki xx

  3. Nice banner love! i keep thinking I need to change my header, or atleast make it a bit smaller now that I know how...What do you think? I kinda think it's easily recognisable as me...dunno.

    Are you venturing Dorset way next week? We are skidadling down to Devon unless the weather is pants.

    Blanket looking gert lush (are you saying it? Ger orf moy laaaand!


  4. looking pretty!
    44 still to make...woweee :o)
    i'm off to have a nosey at your cake tab, what a fab idea, i do LOVE cake
    j x

  5. Looking forward to seeing them all joined up. Gorgeous colours, they would look fab in my daughter's bedroom!