Saturday, 21 May 2011

Does anyone know...

...what this is???  I recently inherited two of these lovely pot holders from Mr N's grandma, and I just can't work out how they're made.  I'm pretty sure they're crochet, looking at the way they're joined, but I've never seen the stitch before.
It looks like they're joined in double crochet, but I could be wrong...  And I just haven't got a clue about the waffle stitch.  I have been looking at these little lovelies with visions of me whipping up some sort of White Company-inspired waffly throw for my bed (which will, of course, instantly endow me with a White Company-inspired house/wardrobe/lifestyle).  The White Company does do a good waffly-type throw, don't you think?  Talking of which, has anyone else been covetously checking this out?  Sigh....
So apart from staring at pot holders (there I go, reminding myself of Homer Simpson again) I've been doing a bit of charity shop shopping.  What do you think:
I was very pleased with my rather bargainous 50p jelly mould.  No idea what I'm going to do with it, but still - it looks nice on my kitchen windowsill.  I was also rather pleased with this lovely little tin:
Even more so, when I saw this on the bottom of it:
Well, anything that might once have had a connection to chocolate's got to be good! x


  1. Hi Emily, I'm pretty new to crochet but I think it could be Tunisian crochet (or Afghan stitch) which is worked with a special hook, according to a sample which looks very similar, in the Anchor Book of Needlecraft. Not sure though.
    I do like the jelly mould. Liz xxx

    1. The yellow and white pattern above is called'Entrelac Tunisian Crochet" I love working it!!

  2. Heya Emily,
    It a website that I used to make the header picture for my blog..

    It's really simple, you just upload the pics in the order that you want them and then it puts together a mosaic for you.

    When I went to upload it onto my blog it was really huge, so I gradually made the dimensions smaller and smaller until it looked about right.. I'm not very good at all this technology malarky either!

    I hope that helps..!


  3. Yes!!! That very blanket is the one that inspired me to learn crochet! At £200 I thought it would be cheaper to make one myself... until I discovered the quantities of yarn required for the springtime throw!! It's gorgeous isn't it... I didn't realise it was back in stock.

    Love your jelly mould. I'd make a big wobbly green jelly in that. I love jelly but the rest of my gang isn't keen.

    Nicki xx

  4. I can't believe how cheap that crochet throw is! It's handmade. Who is making it and getting paid bugger all I wonder!! But oh it is so swoony.

    I'm afraid I have no idea about the crochet, so I'm ignoring that question.

    By the way, when you comment on my blog there is a picture of a ball of wool. When I click on Emily it takes me to your blogger profile and then to your blog so have you sorted your problem out then? I think you are still a no reply blogger when your comment is shown in my email though. I'm going to send you an email Wendy sent me to see if it helps you out with that. I was a no reply blogger too once.


  5. ps. You are a button heart in my followers.

  6. pps can't find that email. But if you pop over to The Crafters Aprentice, I'm sure Wendy will help you like she helped me. I can't remember what I was told to do now.

  7. love that jelly mould, and i'm with you, anything to do with chocolate is the best!
    j x

  8. It's Entrelac Tunisian Afghan Stitch. Normally done with a special hook however, this looks like it's done with 10 sts at a time so could be done on a regular round hook.

    You've given me an idea though for a Entrelac Waffle throw. Will let you know if I come up with something.