Friday, 27 May 2011

A lovely award

Thank you so much Jacquie at Bunny Mummy!  Jacquie is one of my real big-time crochet blog gurus, so I'm really thrilled to get this from her.
I'm slightly worried now because I need to think of ten interesting facts about myself to share with you, as part of this award.  Eeeek!  After much head-scratching, I've come up with the following nuggets for you:
1) I really hate peas.  Really, really hate them.  I even have to pick them out of curries, so that I have a little pile of yellowed beasts sitting ominously at the side of my plate.  Urgh.
2) I've got a piece of pencil lead stuck in my left index finger, it's been there since I was about seven.  I've also got a little bit of glass embedded in my heel, which happened when we had a car crash when we lived in New Zealand in 2001.
3) My first word was 'shoe' (I'll say no more...)
4) When I was a child I really wanted to be a vet.  That or an astronaut.  I'm actually not either.
5) I've visited 21 different countries (though since I've had children, I've only managed a weekend in Dublin and two days in Barcelona with work.  Ha ha ha)
6) When I was little we had lots of animals - pigs called Pork Lunch, Bubble and Squeak; sheep (including a psychopathic ram called Rambo, natch) and loads of chickens - my favourite was called Scrawny and she got eaten by a fox.
7) I didn't pass my driving test until I was 31.
8) I'd really, really love to be able to sing.  Tragically, I'm so bad that my own children actually laugh at me when I try.
9) I met my husband when I was 19.
10) There are only nine interesting facts about me in the whole, wide world...
I'm going to pass this award on to Jooles at Sew Sweet Violet because she makes really, really beautiful bunting and as I've said before, I've got a bit of a bunting fetish. x
PS - There is some very exciting news on the springtime throw-front...more in my monthly crochet round up tomorrow!


  1. BIG congrats to you, I've only just found your blog recently but I can certainly see why you won! I know Jooles will be thrilled by the award as well, I have a bit of an addiction to her bunting...can't wait to see the latest crochet ta-dah, and I'm going to try the recent cake recipe, too. Keep inspiring all of us! -cx

  2. Oh my goodness...what a wonderful surprise Emily, I just got back from my holiday and am so excited, thank you so very much, i feel honoured, i truly do x
    I am not sure what to do, my first award you see could you let me know?
    I see my lovely friend ChrissieA has left a comment too.
    You should really give peas a chance you know!
    j x