Sunday, 15 May 2011

A weekend, in just ten minutes

I have to be especially speedy with my blog post tonight - Mr Nut has to use the computer for job applications, and he's currently sitting next to me just looking at me in a way that, tragically, doesn't mean 'I really adore you, you are simply wonderful' (though, underneath it all, I'm sure he does...) but instead he's looking at me in a way that says 'if you don't type at the speed of light and get off that bloomin Blogger, I will have to tie your hands behind your back and steal the laptop from under your nose'.  So, you see, I need to be quick because I'm getting looks.
Due to the silent pressure being exerted on me, I can't do a run down of my weekend (which has been a pretty darn good one) as I'd planned; so instead I'm going to show you a few photos I took on the walk we all went on this afternoon and I'm setting myself the challenge of summing up the past two days in just ten words.  Hmmmmm.  Photos first, I think:
Couldn't go for a walk without taking a gratuitous beech shot - oh, how I do love these trees.  One day I will win the lottery and I'll buy a house with a garden big enough for some beech trees (or hey, why think on such a small scale?  I'll just buy an arboretum.  Gotta have a dream...)
My baby girl, in her baby boy's shoes.  Bless her.  I wonder how long it will be before she has an Opinion about boys' shoes?  She already has an opinion about most other things.
Right-ho, now my ten words.
Mojitos (spooky that you mentioned those, Cuckoo; I had the best one ever yesterday!)
Scary car
And there we have it - my weekend in a nutshell.  Hope yours was good too x


  1. Sounds like you had a fab weekend. We have a beech hedge in our garden - the colour of the leaves is amazing, so vibrant. Can I congratulate you on producing a post in such a short time - if my husband was staring at me whilst writing a post, I am sure I would have suddenly developed writers' block!

  2. Fingers crossed for that job!

    You gotta love a Moijto hey! Hope you did go all 80's fringed again like my mojito hair don't!!

    I'm having a shuffle about with my blog list and your are going on it.

  3. ps nope, the top in my post is from Tu and was only a fiver so I was happy for it to go wrong, so pleased with the results though!

  4. sounds like the perfect weekend
    good luck on the job hunt
    j x

  5. Hi! Saw your comment on Cuckoo's answering my query about rolling balls of wool and lot numbers, thanks for responding. I'm loving that Mrs Cuckoo... So, YES! I really want to make the springtime throw from the Nicki Trench book I bought. It looks beautiful but buying 32 balls of wool is a bit steep in one go. Are you making one? Are there pictures on your blog? Did you buy all 32 balls in one go? Questions questions!! ;-)

    Laughed at your description of your hubby giving you 'looks'... I get those all the time when I'm on the laptop - I think he is generally concerned I might be buying something though!

    Nicki x

  6. I had a read of your springtime throw posts earlier. I CANNOT BELIEVE that you only started crocheting in February. Me too! How come you're so good at it - and so quick?! Not fair. I have grasped the granny square, but now I can't do anything else when I try, I've been treble crocheting for so long. It's a bit like riding a bike and not knowing how to stop...

    What type of yarn have you chosen for your throw? I want to do mine in cream and neutral colours but I thought I'd find out how I could afford the yarn first. The stuff I fancy making it from is the Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK but at a fiver a pop it's too pricey.

    Nicki x