Thursday, 5 May 2011

Cushion appreciation

This is just going to be a very quick post today - I have finally decided what to do with my lovely yarn that I blogged about in my 'we love Dorset' post and am itching to get on with it as I think it's going to be pretty quick to make and the thought that I might soon be able to actually wear it is very, very exciting indeed.  So I'll just show you a little something I made the other day for a bit of instant gratification:
I thought that my little flower squares cushion was looking a bit lonely all on its own on the sofa, so I made a friend for it out of some deckchair fabric that I bought on my recent trip to Dorset.
It's not quite as rock n roll as my CK-inspired lovely, but I still love it, and I don't hyperventilate quite so much when the children go near it with sticky hands, so that's a bonus. x


  1. Just found your blog - it's great! Your cushions look fantastic together - very well matched. Glad I'm not the only one to get twitchy when the kids go anywhere near prized possessions!

  2. i love both of the cushions and they look fab together, really lovey colours
    j x