Sunday, 15 May 2011

Bits and bobs

I just love the colours of this drink/straw/glass/tablecloth combo.
Blogging really has opened my eyes to the fact that there are actually other people out there who look at everyday things like this and feel a little thrill of inspiration too.  It's great to know I'm not alone!  Poor big nut - he really wanted his banana milkshake and I cruelly said he had to wait while I took a photo - will he be scarred for life?
The past few days have seen a fair amount of rain in my neck of the woods and really, it just looks as though everything's had a good wash.  Everything had been so dusty - the car was a rather fetching shade of beige and the boys were coming back from school with shirts that were, quite frankly, about as un-white as it's possible for white shirts to be - but now order is restored - the car is once again red and the boys are back to their usual white-with-mud-splashes uniform.  Phew.
The countryside is now a beautiful, vivid green and the garden is looking full and lush:
And remember the sad-looking pansies that I blogged about in my 'Apathy r us' post?
Well, they have gone absolutely mad and the pots I put them in now look like two huge yellow and purple pom poms.
On the crochet-front this week, I've been putting some serious hooky time into my treat scarf, which is actually now starting to look like a proper scarf and not just a stripy rectangle; and I've been showing my springtime throw some love too - I'm now up to a square count of 200 (oh god, that actually doesn't sound that good, considering I've been working on it sporadically since February.  Boo)  Another little something has been getting underway too:
Some more little 3D hearts have been slipping from my hook.  This project seemed like a great way to use up the left-over yarn from my small flower squares cushion and it involves Fimo (which I haven't used since I was about twelve) and I'm saying no more for the moment!!  Ooooh, mysterious.....x


  1. Fab post! The flowers look gorgeous and loving the 3D hearts!

    Have a super weekend!

    Vanessa xxx

  2. such pretty photo's
    we are still waiting for some propper rain here.
    oooh i'm loving those little hearts
    j x

  3. I've just bought some fimo for a little crafty project I'll probably never get around to!!

    Any news on the SW job?

    CANNOT wait to see the hearts and the scarf when finished. CANNOT WAIT! HURRY UP, please?

  4. Hmmm I can't wait either!
    I can't crochet in 1D nevermind 3D!
    fee x