Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy new year (or: 'the one in which I have a birthday')

...and I hope 2012 is being kind to you so far.
We've had a busy, busy holiday - but it's been busy in a good way, not a crazy, stressful, manic way.  Life up to the holidays was just bonkers and I felt like the treadmill was defiantly stuck on full speed - something had to give or I'd have ended up in a little, soggy heap on the floor, sobbing into my wine glass - and so I just stopped blogging for a little while to create a bit of space in my crazy, hectic days.  So now, with the presents distributed; school plays dutifully observed and copious amounts of food consumed, I am back in the land of blog - three lbs heavier and another year older than last time I was here, but I'm here and I'm happy.  Hurrah!
I have ta-dahs to share with you and ideas to run by you (I rely on you talented gals for inspiration, you know) but for the moment, before I have another sneaky birthday drink (who'd have a birthday on New Year's Day, eh?) I'm going to share some photos from my fabulous, shiny, new Christmas present camera with you (thank you, Mr N, you really can take a hint...):
 The first one I ever took with my new 'baby' - so far, so good...
 Hmmmm....not too bad, a bit blurry perhaps, but okay...
 Ohkaaaayy...I really don't know what was going on here, but I will just say that it was New Year's Eve.  
(Note to self: alcohol does not improve performance as a photographer.), these two photos are proof of two things: 
1) I really need to get myself on a photography course; 2) my children actually do jump on each other's heads.
Here's to 2012 and hoping that it brings good things to you all x


  1. Happy Birthday / New Year / new camera Emily! :)x

  2. Happy birthday and lovely to see you back! :-)


  3. Well, in answer to your question, I DID start the camera manual with gusto (/trying to desperatly justify this expensive present to myself!!) but to be honest I pretty much put said camera on 'auto' and get on with it. Needlesstosay I didn't discover the flash until someone pointed it out to me many months later - but by and large I get by.
    I've played with some of the other buttons over christmas...not that you'd know from the pictures!
    Me too need a course
    fee x

  4. Happy Birthday, and look forward to more photos with your awesome camera!
    I also had a bit of a bloggy break- it's good to recharge sometimes i think :)

  5. Hey Emily, glad to see you back blogging, it's always good to have a break and recharge the batteries.

    Lovely photos, blurry 'n all.........

    Happy belated birthday too, hope there was cake involved..........

    Best wishes for 2012 to you and your family,

    Claire :}

  6. *waves frantically & hugs* Happy New Year Emily!!! Good to see you back in blog land! Yay! Happy to hear you're not a soggy heap on the floor and fab to hear you're happy :) 3lbs is nothing....I daren't weigh myself or it will be me in a soggy heap on the floor crying into the Quality Street tin. How exciting you got a dslr too! For the life of me I can't figure out all the buttons but who cares it's fun snapping and learning :) your pics look fab :)

    Have a lovely Bank Holiday and I hope this New Year brings you all you wish for x

    Jo x x x

  7. P.S. Oh oh oh in the excitement I forgot to say.....Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!!! :D x x x

  8. Happy Birthday Emily and a wonderful 2012 too. Liz :)

  9. Yay! You're back! Happy birthday for yesterday xxx

    Lovely photos and your living room is gorge. Love the colour of the wall, I think I remember you sharing a small snippet of it earlier in the year.

    I've had a dslr for my birthday and am struggling to work it out, already the photos are better than my previous ones just on auto. Xxx

  10. 3lbs ....I reckon you got off lightly, I am so glad I lost a few before Christmas otherwise i'd be the size of a house now!

    Loving your pictures, how exciting to get a new camera, my newish one died Christmas day so I'm back to my old one and having to hold the lens in to take pics, technical eh?!

    Happy new year and a big happy birthday. I hope 2012 is wonderful for you!

    I've missed you, welcome back x
    i love your new camera pics, they did make me smile :o)
    and your home looks so cosy and inviting.
    Happy new year to you x
    love jooles x

  12. Happy Birthday! So glad you are back in blogland, you were missed. BTW, your lounge looks amazing. xxx

  13. You certainly did take a blog break. Happy belated birthday. Congrats on the new camera. Have fun with it. And have a happy, healthy new year. Tammy P.S. Love your sweet Christmas tree