Thursday, 19 January 2012

Bunting ta-dah!

The sun came out for about half a nanosecond today, creating this beautiful shadow in my sitting room.  I was laughing to myself thinking 'only a blogger would be doing this' as I clambered around in our big bay window, camera in hand, bum in the air, with the bin men outside looking at me like I was a complete mentalist.  As if...
So, in a giddy fit of activity, I bring you my third ta-dah of the year so far (if I continue at this rate, my entire house will soon be just one enormous mass of yarn, with tunnels running through it so that the kids can get out the door to school - much like the inside of a crochet-obsessed hamster's cage, I suspect.  Except, perhaps, without the poo all over the floor.)  So, with that picture in your mind, I present you with my Attic 24-inspired bunting.  Ta-dah:
I've said it before, I'll say it again: I don't mind a bit of wonkiness every now and then.
 Elegantly, temporarily held up with drawing pins (can you spot it?) until I find the perfect thing with which to hang it.
 So, there are two things about this bunting:
1) I am squirmingly irritated by the fact that it's not exactly the same width as the bay, despite the fact that I measured it.  I should have twigged beforehand really, but of course, when I hung it it stretched and so is all loopy.  This is annoying me immensely, but at the moment the annoyance isn't outweighing the fact that I simply can't be a*sed to get it all down, remove a flag and re-do the end bit.  In fact, looking at it as I type, I think I'll need to remove two flags,  Anyway, at the moment, laziness wins out.
2) You see the flag with the little blue flower on it?  Shall I tell you why the little blue flower is on it?  It's because my ever-present crochet-assistant-slash-tidy-upper decided to help me by relocating three of the unattached flags.  Eventually, after much searching and a slightly sniffy text to Mr N (where I may or may not have questioned whether he was responsible for the disappearance of said crocheted articles) I found them.   In the kitchen bin.  Oh how I laughed.  Ha ha ha.  I fair nearly split my sides when I discovered that one of them had a little blob of unidentified, yet highly staining, food on it.  Hee hee hee, said I.
Oh, and after that little outburst, I should point out that I do, actually LOVE it!  It's very pleasing and speedy to make up and the possibilities for a bit of adornment are endless.  I highly recommend it for a bit of happy hooky time.  
And finally, here's a thing I've decided to do with my projects from now on:
This book is my crochet/recipe/ideas/general gubbins bible and if I ever lost it, I would be bereft.  It goes everywhere with me and has pages and pages of stuff in it.  Anyway, as of now it also has little snips of the yarn used for my different projects too, so that if I ever want to know what yarn I have used previously I have the details at my fingertips.  Handy, eh? x


  1. v handy!
    aren't you industrious at the moment...well impressed (said in manchester accent!)
    coffee soon?
    fee x

  2. Super bunting, and love the project log idea.

    I think a suitable punishment should be devised by the person responsible for throwing lovely crochet in the bin...


  3. Lovely! I gasped with horror at your crochet in the bin story though!!!

  4. Fantastic bunting....ah the men in our lives don't really get it do they? I used to have a book of all I had knitting with a piece of yarn attached, I somehow stopped doing that, maybe I should start again.
    Have a great day,

  5. Ooh, crochet bunting.....♥ it. Gorgeous despite all the 'issues' and wonkiness really adds character I think.

    I am actually crocheting some bunting my self , (the triangular version..) even took it into town and put on a display of 'crochet in public' while I had my coffee. I think the locals are used to me now and don't bat an eyelid !!

    Great idea with the notebook and yarn samples, I keep thinking I must do that, would save me alot of time trying to remember how I did things !!

    Claire :}

  6. I love your bunting the colours are really lovely and the buttons just finish it off perfectly. I also love the idea of your crafty notebook too ~ might just have to go and treat myself to a lovely new notebook for the purpose! :O)x

  7. In the bin??!! I would have gone mental!!!!
    Love the bunting - I've got some crochet bunting on my ever-increasing craft to-do list! Also definitely like the organisation going on - I need to start a notebook like that too. Getting quite excited at the thought of it!! (The simple pleasures in life!)
    Maria x

  8. That's lovely bunting! I might be daft, but I don't think it looks too long.. I like it 'looping' adds more character. Lovely little buttons too :)x

  9. Gorgeous bunting - in my experience, bunting never turns out the length you wanted it, no matter how many times you measure!! Love the ideas notebook, although I would be sure to lose it! Have a great weekend. xx

  10. Your crochet book - YES! Just what I have been vaguely thinking about for weeks after dipping in and out of a scarf project with obviously different sized crochet hooks! Love the inclusion of strands, shade numbers etc. Must sort mine out :)
    Great bunting!

  11. Gorgeous, gorgeous bunting!
    Anne xx

  12. Love the bunting Emily and the colours are lovely and soothing. Such a good idea doing the swatches - I think I shall have to do the same. I answered your question but you have to visit me again I'm afraid!! Have a lovely weekend. Liz xx

  13. I do the same thing with my cotton yarn; I snip little bits off and then attach them to the wrapper with tape. That way I know what colorway was what yarn :)
    ps There's a giveaway on my blog, would you like to join? :)!

  14. Pretty, so very pretty! The colours are so gentle. So what's your next project, then? ;-)

    Have a beautiful week.


  15. Aha! A eureka moment! i need one of those books too. I'm going to do it, I am, yes, in a mo....

    I like the way the bunting is swagging, wouldn't change it at all.

    Laughed at your hamster cage image. That's how I think this house is going to end up but with small boy toys and mud (and/or poo)

    ps. Seriously? You laughed when you found it stained in your bin. I missed the sarcasm right? Surely. Bloody hell. I'd have been SAVAGE.

  16. Your crochet-assistant-slash-tidy-upper....I think I may be married to a relation of his, that so could have happened in my house....what is wrong with these blokes....I have to admit I would have gone up a level on my everyday fishwife screaming if it were me!

    Love the bunting and the daffs, I was standing on a chair trying to take a pic of things and found it pretty hard to keep my post-Christmas tummy getting in the tummy, which led to some pretty weird angles....note to self makes sure the bin men aren't looking through the windows....oh, and maybe go on a diet.