Thursday, 12 January 2012

Granny squares blanket ta-dah!

My hook has been fairly flying the past few days and I have now finished my third blanket, which I have named little boy blue granny squares blanket (not the catchiest name, granted; and actually, does a blanket really need a name?)  Anyway, that's what I think when I look at it, and so as this is my little slice of life, that's what it shall hereto be known as...
I took advantage of a lovely sunny moment this afternoon when baby n was asleep and the boring jobs were done and school wasn't quite over, and I crawled around on my sitting room floor taking pictures of a blanket.  I would never tell anyone I actually know in real life that I take pictures of blankets while contorting myself into strange positions - they'd just think that was weird - but somehow I know that you know where I'm coming from with the weirdy picture-taking thing.  Ah (happy sigh) isn't blogland brilliant? 
I must point out that this blanket is a collaborative effort and my mum made the majority of the squares, while I just did the glory-grabbing finishing off bits.  Thanks mum!  It's made using six colours of Rico Creative Cotton and is seven squares by ten.  I joined it using double crochet on the right side and put two rows of granny along the edges and I love it!  I'm so pleased with it, it's turned out exactly how I pictured it and my grown-up baby boy has had it wrapped round him every moment he's been at home since I finished it.  He's slept in it like a cocoon, he's watched tele underneath it, he's even eaten his meals with it wrapped round his legs like a little old granny going on a train journey.  And the first morning after I finished it, I came down to find this.  'Look at my den, mummy':
I resisted the urge to flip it over so that the right side was upwards and I left it waiting upside down for him all day.  I'm self-restraint personified, me. x


  1. I love your blanket - that is fab. And it must be so satisfying that your little boy is pleased with it too.
    I know what you mean about contorting to get photos - why is it so hard to get a decent photo of something we've made?!

  2. He he, well done on leaving it upside down Emily, that's sooo funny.
    I would've found it very hard to restrain myself toooo!!
    Bit like straightening up a picture hanging crookedly on the wall......

    I think blankets definitely need a name, as you are slowly but surely building up your blanket stash you need to be able to refer to them as such and the name is suitable and cute too....
    So nice your son enjoys using it and that's it's a collaborative effort by his mum and grandma which actually gives it extra cuddly qualities.

    Onto the next blanket now?!!

    Claire :}

  3. Such a beautiful blanket, love that Rico cotton! Great photos too. :)

  4. It's gorgeous! How lovely it's got your Mums and your love in it just for your son....special x

    Jo x x x

  5. Ha ha... what a lovely story! The Little Boy Blue Blanket is gorgeous! I think your son shows excellent taste grabbing it for himself...and as CupcakeJojo says... how lovely that it has your Mum's work in it too... my Mum refuses to learn to crochet (she knits beautifully).. mind you at 87 it could be difficult... :)x

  6. I LOVE it! My boys do the same with their blankets. They are with them almost at every point in the day, especially at the moment when it's quite nippy in the mornings and evenings. I think it's such a lovely thing for a child to have a handmade blanket made by mum (and granny!). In the world of toys and gadgets, it's nice for them to have something homemade and sentimental!

    Have a lovely day!

    Vanessa xxxxxxx

  7. Your blankets beautiful,love the colours,I'm just starting on one for Mum,I must see it through this time,(I ended up getting fed-up last time and it turned into a cushion) Hope you have a lovely weekend,lots of love,juliexxx

  8. Haha - that made me laugh after my post! The things we do for a photo of our crafting!!! The blanket is gorgeous, and I like the name!
    Maria x

  9. It's beautiful Emily. Gosh, I know what you mean about trying to find the right angle for a picture! Have a lovely weekend. Liz xx

  10. You should have seen me trying to take some photos of my crochet bunting - I nearly broke my neck!

    Gorgeous blankie Emily and Emily's mum!

    Have a lovely weekend.


  11. Ha haaaa! Yes! I often think "What on earth do I look like, twisting my body about and crawling about the place. Only a bloddie would understand. I also spend a few minutes either removing some offending article out of shot or slipping a nice article in shot. It's really daft isn't it but I do enjoy these little photo shoots.

    The blanket is really very GORGEOUS! Please put it near all the other things I have on my list to pinch when I am your way.


  12. A combination of my favorite colors! It turned out beautifully. How great that you and your mom both had a hand in making it. Happy weekend wishes, Tammy

  13. beautiful colours.
    must sort our JL dat out soon...fee ♥

  14. I do love your blanket - great boy colours.
    Sandra x