Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Summer hols blanket ta-dah

Brave little hyacinths making a stand against the glum weather....I love 'em.
I, like the flowers, am making a stand against the air of cold/damp/back-to-school-blues that's pervading my house at the moment.  I'm standing on the side of all things bright and cheery and I'm finally ready to 'ta-dah' my summer hols blanket.  Had you forgotten all about it?  I confess that I did finish it quite a few weeks ago, but it's only now that I've been able to get my scrambled-egg head around photographing it.  (I'll add an aside here: my head is feeling a lot less like scrambled egg now than it was in the month or so leading up to Christmas, but I've still managed to double-book myself tomorrow and I'm on the horns of a dilemma about what to do.  Gaaah.)
So...with a small drum roll, I present you with: the summer hols blanket:
The vital statistics are as follows:
* I used Rico Creative cotton - two balls of each of the eight colours, plus one extra for the edge of the edge, and fourteen of the white (I think)
* the pattern is from here
* I made 180 hexagons and filled the edges in with half-hexagons, which are a bit wibbly, but I don't mind a bit of wibble every now and then
* the edging is just two rows of double crochet - the first in white and the second in pistachio
* some of the colour combos are a bit suspect, and if I were making it again I wouldn't use the dark blue, but on the whole I'm really, really pleased with it and I cuddle up under it with a certain sense of pride.
So there you have - my second blanket done and dusted - the first one wasn't just a fluke after all!
Unbelievably, I am half way through my third...(check me out - there's no stopping me and my hook now...)  It's made in Rico Creative cotton again and it's for my number one son, who may be nearly nine but who still loves a cuddle under a blanket with his mummy as much as he ever did!  My head is also full of ideas for a dreamy shawl, but I really, really want to make sure I get the right pattern and yarn before I start.  I'm trying to break the habit of a lifetime and be patient and think it through before I jump in with both my feet before I really know what I'm doing.  (It's hard, I can tell you - I have the patience of a gnat, and once I decide I want to do something I am virtually unstoppable.  Poor old Mr N, I must be a nightmare to live with!) x


  1. Love the summer hols blanket and I love the edging! I can't wait to see the next one!

  2. Emily, your blanket is absolutely gorgeous. The colours, the pattern, I can imagine it must be bliss to snuggle under.
    Scrambled eggs head, hehe, I like that one and have to admit to suffering the problem more than just around Christmas time.
    Jumping in with both feet....understand that one too. :)
    Good luck with choosing your shawl yarn and pattern.
    Anne xx

  3. Woohoooooo.........fab blanket, great effort Emily, it looks wonderful.

    I love the colour combo and the edging too.
    Your second blanket, that's great. They do take alot of time to make so they really are very special. I can imagine how nice it is to snuggle down with it.

    Keep those snuggles with No. 1 son going, they are extra special.........

    It's a beautiful sunny morning here, with a cool breeze blowing. I feel alive again after a couple of very hot days.
    I hope the wind didn't do any damage to your home, looks like it's caused quite a few problems over there.....take care.

    Claire :}

  4. Woooow gorgeous blanket...I love the white background... it looks very summery and cool.. :)x

  5. I agree, this is a gorgeous blanket!!
    I am mega jealous of it!!!

  6. It's a gorgeous blanket Emily - just what is needed for these glum days. Liz :)

  7. I am overwhelmed by the skill and style of the blanket it is truly fabulous.

    We had 3 hyacinth bulbs in a pot for Christmas- whilst we were away last week they flowered- the house is full of their gorgeous scent. They are a stunning blue colour.

    Your post reminds me of that verse in the bible [modified] "Consider the hyacinths in the pot, they neither toil nor crochet, but your Heavenyl Father clothes them. How much more will He care for you"

    new year blessings xx

  8. It's GORGEOUS! So pretty and colourful on these grey days! Cx

  9. Oh I love this Emily!!!! Well done you that's a big achievement. I know what you mean about buying wool....I've just purchased some from Ebay that was far too good a bargain :) Gorgeous hyacinths .....makes me want to go and get myself some spring flowers.

    Jo x x

    P.S. Photos looking good!!! :D

  10. Woooow this is amazing, so pretty! :)

  11. Oh what a fairytale you have created there! I could spend hours looking at all those intricate colours and patterns. Well done you. I love that feeling of moving on to a brand new project with the satisfaction of having finish up an old one.

    Happy, peaceful, creative new year to you. I'm so looking forward to seeing what 2012 brings you.

  12. Now that is a lurrrvely blanket. I think the dark blue is great in it, not an error at all.

    Now, about your dilemma. I'm very good with dilemmas. Text me about it and I'll tell you what to do. That way if it all goes pear shaped you can plant the blame on me! What a great mate I am! ;oD

    ps And you were nervous about getting back to blogging!

  13. Clever you, it's GORGEOUS! well done matie x
    I hope you sort your double booking dilemma out :o)
    So glad you are back x
    love jooles x

  14. It's me again to bother you!! I just commented on Cuckoo's post & your comment was the one above mine.....are you a Taunton girl too then? Because I am too!!!!! Are you & Cuckoo from Taunton....if so how old are you & what flipping schools did you go to!? Bus station.....I know it well. Never thought when I was a teen I'd say this, but I miss Taunton muchly! Are you? Are you a Taunton lass?! :D

    Jo x x x