Sunday, 15 January 2012

Oooh la la - c'est le weekend

I do quite like this photo of me taking a photo of myself, though I do think it makes me look like a cross between the Michelin Man and a pair of tweezers.  In reality I look a lot more like a 37-year-old woman than you'd believe from this picture.
This was taken at Lyme Park, which is a really beautiful National Trust property not too far from where we live.  We quite often go there for a bit of a run around and a play in the brilliant play area (kids) and a cup of tea and a wodge of cake (me).  This weekend I had a rare Saturday off work and the weather was so unbelievably perfect that we had to really make the most of the fact that we had two whole days at home together and get out and about in the sun.  Got to stave off the rickets and all that...
It really is heaven for small boys - mud, sticks, big open spaces, climbing frames and hot chocolate - what's not to love?  It's places like this that make me really appreciate having boys, actually.  I have a teeny confession to make here - sometimes I don't really understand my little beasties.  By this I mean that I know they need to let off steam and 'express themselves' by running around, shouting, fighting and making bizarre noises, and generally I don't mind it too much, but I never really understand what it is that makes them want to do it.  Probably something to do with me never having had a willy, I suspect - Mr N certainly gets where they're coming from.  But I digress; what I mean is that this unfathomableness (good word!) gives me opportunities to experience things that I may not otherwise get to experience.  There are many times in a day when I can be found acting as some sort of UN-level peace-keeper, splitting up fights and sorting out arguments - and that brings a fair amount of stress, if I'm honest.  But the flip side of that is that I get to spend my weekends in all sorts of brilliant outdoor places, running around and pretending I'm ambushing people and I have a sneaking suspicion that I just wouldn't experience that side of life if I didn't have to my two crazy boys.  We went to beautiful Lyme Regis in the Christmas hols (clearly I love all places with 'Lyme' in their name) - and I had a real moment of 'boy joy' while we were on the beach - me and my girl sitting on the stones all wrapped up in a mound of coats just watching the three males running around, jumping away from the waves, skimming stones, throwing rocks into the water and generally having a high old time just amusing themselves.  I was so happy sitting there in the freezing cold on that beautiful beach and I said a silent thank you to my boys because I'm fairly certain that if I had only girls, I wouldn't have been doing that, and I was glad that I was. 
Not that I'm suggesting for one moment that girls are all calmness and Zen, oh no no! (Pause for slightly hysterical laughter).  Take this photo, for example:
Four and a half seconds after this photo was taken, Mr N had a bit of a slip into the stream (bet he regretted not wearing his wellies then...), decided it was all just a bit too risky with baby n there, picked her up, carried her up the bank and put her on the grass at which point the world ended and she had a ten-minute meltdown because she wanted to get back into the (freezing cold, fast-flowing) water.
Now, I've no real idea how to link these next two photos in to this post at all - they're completely random, but I do want to include them, so here they are in all their random-ness.  Firstly a rather brilliant birthday present:
I love this little bluebird cruet set and thought I'd been cunning in hiding it on the window sill by the sink where the kids would 'never discover them' and want to break play with them but sadly, despite my best efforts, they've been discovered and baby n is now obsessed with the 'gucks' (ducks?)
And random photo number two: my latest wip:
When I saw Lucy's beautiful bunting at Attic 24, I just knew I had to make myself some.  Originally destined for the bathroom (possibly the only room in the house not already bedecked with flags, now I think about it) I have decided that I love it too much and can't possibly hide it away where I'll only get to see it when I'm in the shower.  Watch this space for my latest bunting ta-dah, coming soon to a sitting room near you. x
PS - if anyone's seen our remote control, could they please let me know where it is - it's driving Mr N crazy having to actually get up and change the channel


  1. Laughed out loud to myself on reading the word 'willy'. You are right though, I feel similarly. I just cannot get inside my boys heads but I'm glad I'm there for the ride.

    I love photo's on people shadows. My shadow often makes me chuckle, espescialky when it does it's little robotic dance. Ok, so I do the dance but the shadow pulls it off much better.

    Crochet bunting! Ah gotta love bunting haven't ya.


  2. I definitely know where you are coming from....your posts so often have me reading aloud to hubby and nodding my head...I think anyone might think I've lost it totally laughing wildly whilst nodding my head repeatedly....

    I love my three lads and I'm sure I'm built to be a boy-mum in all it's rowdiness. They drive me nuts, but I'm proud beyond about them

  3. I can't say I know where your coming from, but I think I can understand what you mean. I too smiled when you said willy, gotta love that word! I really hope to have boys for all of the reason's you talked about.. boy's just love the whole outdoors thing so much more and it's a good excuse to go out and get some fresh air!

    Ashley xxx

  4. Ooooh and pretty bunting by the way, lovely!

    Ashley xxx

  5. Oh those willies are responsible for so very much!!! The bunting looks a treat and only today I was thinking that I would like to make some for Finn's room. Think I have found my pattern. Looks pretty quick too which always makes me smile :-)

  6. Oh gorgeous, gorgeous post full of life just how it is. I had a wonderful chuckle which is just the way to start a Monday morning.
    I don't have boys, sadly, only girls but I do have nephews and have great pleasure in seeing them do all those boy things. I love it when they hit the teen years and they start transforming into something quite remarkable. They're all legs and arms as they grow before your eyes. They drape themselves everywhere, their voices break and they become so incredibly loud and funny.
    As for t.v. remotes and males, well it's (the remote)almost an extention of their willy really. I mean they are so damn possessive of them. He, he.
    Have a fab week,
    Anne xx

  7. Love this post!! I'm really happy that I have a step-son - he's an absolute delight and I am sure that things wouldn't have been so smooth if he was a pre-teen girl. I also love getting to enjoy boy stuff - sock fights, rolling down hills and playing endless computer games. Lovely to have you talk about it.

    I have that cruet set!! It was a present earlier in the year. Gorgeous isn't it!!


  8. I have to laugh at your post, I have two boys and when they were little I don't think I ever got a complete sentence out of my mouth, I was always running after them. Now I worry because one drives, so I am waiting up praying he is not doing something stupid on the roads. Their energy is still amazing, it is just different.
    Hugs to you,

  9. Love this post! you do make me chuckle and on on a monday morning that is some skill :o)
    Having had one of each, i know exactly what you mean and sometimes it is IMPOSSIBLE to please both!
    looking forward to seeing the bunting ta-dah and i do hope you find the remote very soon...good exercise though
    love jooles x

  10. So love your male/female observations! I know EXACTLY what you mean, having one of each. Sam had been to scouts one evening and I asked him what he'd done and if he'd enjoyed it. "Yeah, it was good" he said, "we just ran around beating each other with sticks like we do every week!" Appalled and poised to ring the Scout Leader and bend his ear, I reported this to my hubby who said "that's exactly what we used to do at Scouts." I ask you! I'm glad I'm a girl.

    Re remote control, try wedged down the sofa or in the bathroom (my children take it to the loo with them if they don't want anyone switching channels!)


  11. I do enjoy your posts :) I have that cruet set too!!! How funny...a-n-d I've been taking pics of it :) There's nothing nicer than getting out and about with the children. It's good for the soul to escape the mundane and get muddy. Looking forward to your bunting ta-da. I'm crocheting some heart bunting at the moment, lol. You have my sympathies for the loss of your remote control! How it can drive the whole family round the twist!

    Have a super week x

    Jo x x x

  12. LOVE those Gruffalo wellies!

    I just wanted to let you know that I have passed on the Leibster Blog Award to you, please feel free to ignore it or share the bloggy love!

    Sandra x

  13. Ah we love lyme park too. Great play area! There is a place near us, a little further for you but worth the drive, with a similarly (perhaps better?) play area...cannon hall farm it is called. We love being outdoors too, something about fresh air and winter sun which makes you feel so alive,
    Nelly x x