Monday, 24 October 2011

A little teeny bit of a catch up

Erm, okaaaay, so it's been a while...I'm thinking that if I just write like I've never been away then maybe you won't notice...attempting to fill you in on all my goings-on over the past two weeks would, frankly, be a) daft and b) a bit boring for all of us, so here are the edited highlights, presented in bullet point form (I used to have a proper job once upon a time, you know, one where I was forever using bullet points.  There's not so much call for them now I spend my days running around after small, noisy people...)
I have hoovered the entire contents of not just one but two boxes of Rice Krispies off the floor/worktop/bread board/cooker.
I have caught a regurgitated marshmallow as it flew from middle n's mouth (think Witches of Eastwick and you have an idea of what my Saturday night was like).  Nice.
I have finished my blinds! more goldfish bowl-effect sitting room for us:
I'm absolutely thrilled with them - they have turned out exactly how I'd pictured them and they make such a difference to the general cosiness of the sitting room. 
I've also finished my cowl.  (Pause for a happy dance).  No pictures today though - there'll be more on that when I've found someone to take pics of me modelling it (in a headless way, of course...)
I bought a dresser on a whim; as you do:
Love it!
There's been plenty of crochet action on my summer hols blanket too:
It's neeeearly fiiiiiniiiished.
An exciting parcel also plopped onto my front door mat this week.  Here it is in action, Claire:
This is the most stunningly well-made and beautiful tea cosy I have ever seen - Claire is a real artist and I urge you to visit her lovely blog if you haven't already done so!
And now I need to go - Mr N's just walked in the door after spending three days in Paris with 90 14-year-olds.  Who'd be a teacher, eh? x


  1. Love love love the dresser and the blind and the tea cosy is fabulous!

  2. Love the dresser, love the rice crispy story, boy have we all been there. Love the crochet and love that you are back.

  3. You have been busy with the business of life which tends to get in the way of blogging.
    I love Claire's work, she lives a couple of hundred miles up the road from me. We'er almost neighbours. :)
    Your new dresser bought on a whim is gorgeous and the colour.....Mmmm dreamy.
    Have a good week,
    Anne xx

  4. Hey Emily, thanks for the kind words, I think I'm blushing. Glad you love the cosy and I definitely have 'dresser envy' it's gooorjuuuus.

    I was thinking how lucky Mr. N was having days in Paris, then I read the bit about spending it with 90, 14 y.o's....hmm, maybe not.

    Your blinds look wonderful with all the little dingly dangly, crystals, great job.Definitely time to make things cosy with Autumn upon you.
    Your Summer hols blanket is stunning too, the colours really stand out with the white background. Colourful and interesting but not too busy.

    Had a giggle at the Rice Krispies and marshmallow's never dull with kids around

    Enjoy your week,

    Claire :}

    P.S. Anne and I are practically neighbours, although I wouldnt' be popping over to borrow a cup of sugar, lol.....

  5. *waves* helloooo Mrs Emily :)

    Love, love, LOVE so much in this post! Where to start, the oh-so-pretty blind, the impulse dresser *swoon*, the summer holiday blanket *goes green with envy*, the china and the beautiful tea cosy!! Oh such gorgeousness :) Let's just forget the reality of crap and sick that is the daily life of being a Mum eh and I shall stare at your pretty pics ignoring the fact that the cat has pissed on the mat!

    Hope you get to rest this half term holiday :)

    Jo x x x

  6. P.S. I just had to laugh as I published my comment as the word verification was 'mingi'!! Just how I feel this morning with cat pee on the mat!!! Lol :) x

  7. I am way too miserable and "hidey" to leave you the sort of comment I would usually. All 3 kids are ill and I am mental AGAIN. Marvellous.

    So in bullet point form:

    1. Lovely rose and squashes.
    2. Blinds are delightful, loving the sparkly hangy bits.
    3. V envious of your impulse dresser. The colour is perfect.
    4. China cups are gorjass.
    5. Summer blanket is on the "nicking" list.
    6. Claire is a very clever gal. Lovley too.

    Hoping all brats will be well enough for Thursday. Off to Docs at 1030am. Keep you posted.


  8. Your dresser is fab! Your blanket is fab! Your new blind is fab! Your new tea cosey is fab!

    Therefore I deduce it is only fair that you've had to vacuum up rice krispies.

    Hope you have a great half-term, (it's all right you've done enough in my mind to balance out the fab/crap mix)and look forward to seeing your blanket soon.

  9. Dresser, blanket & blind are all wonderful. can't wait for headless cowl pics. I would love some cowl inspiration as I want one! Hope the kids stay away from the rice krispies so that you can enjoy some tea from under that beautiful cosy. Happy half term x

  10. loving this catch up (and generally agreeing with cuckoos comments!)
    haven't forgotten I owe you blocks - have been rellie visiting - now back and will be making a date with you for next week so get your diary out!
    fee x

  11. You can't beat bullet points I find, though perhaps an exclamation mark wins for me?
    Your china looks just like a couple of pieces we received for our wedding present, tea tastes better from a china cup doesn't it?!?
    Nelly xxx

  12. your clever thing :o)
    and that dresser , ah no wonder you had to have that dresser, its lush
    love jooles x
    P.S feel sad for poor rice crispies

  13. I too agree with Cuckoo!Gorjass post!xxx

  14. How did I miss this!!! What an absolutely lovely dresser - love love love the colour. Is that a little Meakin Rosa jug I can spy, too? Want it - it's beautiful!!!!

    Your blinds are fab - well done you. Wish I could make things like that. I'm practising and will get there one day!

    Hope all's good with you. Any ta-da pictures to share?

    Nicki xx

  15. Hi
    Love your summer hols blanket.
    Is the pattern available to buy?
    Thanks for your help!

  16. Thanks so much for getting back to me regarding my question about your summer hols blanket....I am very grateful for your help. I'll check out the pattern over at Attic 24.
    Look forward to seeing what yarn you've used!