Thursday, 1 September 2011

Crochet update - August

You may recognise this flower - it's one of the hellebores I made a while ago - but this one has been turned into a brooch as a little thank you to Catherine for my lovely giveaway pressies (glad you liked it, Catherine!)
My summer hols blanket (aaahhhhh, siiiiigh).  I don't want to show you too much or it won't be a proper ta-dah when I've finished it, but this baby has made its way on to my list of 'things-I'd-save-if-my-house-was-burning-to-the-ground-and-everyone-was-safely-outside-and-not-trapped-and-if-it-was-safe-for-me-to-go-into-the-building-without-fear-of-a-piece-of-flaming-ceiling-falling-on-my-bonce'.
And the stripy side of my little rocking chair cushion is finished, though the reverse side most definitely isn't.  Gaaaggh....  I made the entire reverse side out of pale pink, edged it in purple, decided I hated it, frogged the lot and haven't touched it since.  Humph.  Anyhoo, I will finish this soon - I've bought some lovely, clean-looking white yarn - I just need to locate my stripy cushion love again then it'll be done and dusted in no time.
And in the other news tonight:
ooooh, look at this little lovely - it's my bargainous patio rose that I bought for the princely sum of £1.50 from a local florist.  As I paid for it, the florist pointed out to me that there are, in fact, five little rose plants in the pot, so I have high hopes for a positive profusion of these beauties next summer.  (Though, knowing my gardening abilities, it's more likely that they'll all die over winter.  Positive thinking now....)  If you look closely at the photo above, you might be able to see the enormous tin that I filched last time I went to Pizza Express.  I saw them lined up on the counter and it appears that I have no shame, because I actually asked the waiter if I could take one home to grow plants in.  I haven't been back since.
And here is a close-up of the one flower on it, before baby n decided to eat it...

Ah, and here are my beautiful 'dotty dollies' that big n bought for me with his pocket money from the festival.  Yes, I did shed a tear and also instantly forgave him for every annoying thing he's ever done in his entire life - of which there are a few - he is king wind-up merchant.
Right, I'm off now - Monty Hall is on the television and I need to give him my full attention - he is definitely on my list of guilty pleasures (along with Monty Don, bizarrely.  Do you think it's a name thing?) x


  1. The blanket is lovely.....ah, I do love blankets! I have shown the one side of my cushion which I made out of a granny, I started making the other side and it has all gone badly wrong, I made one little square which I really liked, put it down, now I can't remember how I did it - how silly eh?! I will return, but when who knows. Your Rose is lovely, I haven't green fingers at all, but I have been lucky with patio roses so I reckon you will be too!

  2. The blanket is looking amazing. Love the colours against the white borders. So lovely of your son to treat you. What a star! I went to Pizza Express earlier this week and my daughter had a slight to do with a bottle of fizzy drink and a straw (she couldn't cope with all the bubbles ingested so did a massive burp and puked on the floor! Nice.) Luckily the waitress was very understanding and so concerned for my daughter. I was just embarrassed! Hope you have a fab weekend. xx

  3. Just popped over to comment on your comment on my blog post and realised you'd done this and it HASN'T SHOWN UP on my blogroll. That's weird - hope Blogger's not going to start playing up again.

    I am loving your summer blanket, can't wait to see it in its full glory. I think I like it more than the spring throw... as I haven't started the spring throw yet I could always copy this one instead. Where's the pattern from? Yarn etc? Perhaps you could pop it on the blog so that I know what I'm doing if I choose to copy you (again). *starts singing* "oooh oooh oooh, I wanna be like yooouu..." etc

    Bless the boy for buying those pegs - such a sweetie!

    Nicki xx

    (and yes of course there will be a dresser reveal, how did you know?! ha ha! I have spent an extraordinary amount of time pottering around putting things on it and taking them off again. Am seriously delighted with it.)

  4. Hey Em, those pegs are seriously cute, how sweet of big n to buy them for you.

    Loving your Summer blanket and the cushion, gorgeous colours. Can't wait for the ta dah moment, get the trumpets ready I say........

    I love Roses and yours is a beauty. They are pretty tough plants, so I'm sure it will survive and reward you with lots of beautiful blooms.

    Have a great weekend,

    Claire :}

  5. Hi Emily, can't wait to see that blanket properly - it looks beautiful. It takes me ages still to get a blanket done! Roses, my favourite I think. Have a lovely weekend. Liz xx

  6. I adore your summer hols blanket (sigh of envy) and I adore Monty Don. Have you read any of his books? Gardening in poetry: blissful.

    Have a great weekend

  7. Ahhhh you do make me giggle & smile! Love this posting :) also love, love, loving your blanket!! Well the sneaky peak of it! Love the look of the yarn you're using & I can soooo see why you would brave the flames to rescue it! What a charmer your big n is......he'll go far! Particularly with the ladies I suspect hehehe :D

    Jo x x

  8. Nice dotty dollies and VERY nice big n what a little sweetheart x

    Your blanket looks divine, looking forward to seeing it in its full glory

    pretty rose rose too, what a bargain!

    jooles x

  9. Jsut found your blog and I'm really glad I did - you have some lovely projects on the go. Looking forward to seeing your blanket in all its glory - I am working on a granny blanket too but no where near as far along as you! I love your stripy cushion cover too - fab colours.
    Dotty x
    PS. I love Monty Halls too - I've seen him speak a couple of times at the dive shows and he was very funny too!

  10. That there blanket is looking very intriguing!
    Looking forward to the tadaaaaah!

  11. Hang on! This didn't show up on my blog roll either, I only noticed as I was checking to see if my newest favicon was working over at Chipper's.

    Now you really must have favi envy as this one was made for me by someone uber cool and fabulous and I'm ,like, well chuffed!!!! Weee heeee!

    Did you see the email I sent you about how to upload a favi?

    Now that blanket. Funny you should say it's on your "Fire" list. It's on my "Snatch it" when I burgle you list!!! Cackles! Oh and those pags are on the list too.

    I'm a bit disappointed you haven't refered to pants in any way in this post therefore I shall assume you were sitting in nothing but undercrackers and a bad hat whilst you typed it. Oh gosh I am really odd.


  12. Your blanket is lovely and those dolly pegs are so cute!!! I want some!