Thursday, 29 September 2011

✸ A little bit of crochet and a big thank you ✸

Well, I'm pleased to report that my mood has improved with the weather.  This was my view in a sunny spot on my lunch break on Tuesday - it looks beautiful, doesn't it?  The reality is that I'm sitting in a car park next to a recycling bin, but hey - the sun's shining and that's all that matters.  (I actually had a bit of an incident in this car park a few months ago, but I won't dwell on that because it still makes me anxious and on the six billion to one chance that the owner of the Porsche that was unfortunately parked near to my car, happens upon my blog - as far as he's concerned, ignorance most definitely is bliss.)
But I digress - really I should be saying a big, huge, enormous thank you to you lovely people for really cheering me up when I was feeling a bit glum (I just love that word).  You're all brilliant and I am sure that karma will handsomely repay you for your kind words.
So, apart from loitering in car parks, I've managed to get in a bit of hooky time:
(actually, this photo was taken in the car park - if you look very closely, you can see a drain by my left thigh)
Can you also see my sparkly new Boden-sale-bargain scarf?  Mr N was a bit rude and scoffed at the irony of me buying something from the johnnieB range.  I think he was implying that it makes me mutton dressed as lamb, in some way, but I just put my fingers in my ears and said 'la la la - can't hear you' (then I flicked his ear, cos he really likes it when I do that...)
And this is the fruit of my crochet-related labours:
Hmmmm, on reflection, that's just asking for trouble putting that there - it's far too easy for grabbing little hands to reach.  This is much better:
Ah *happy sigh* my high-up little crafty corner, how I love it so.
Before I go, and for the benefit of anyone who's reading this and feeling mildly disgusted with me for being involved in some sort of low-level hit and run incident, I'd like to make it clear that although my car was scratched to the metal (grrr) the Porsche didn't have a mark on it (well, not that I could make out in the semi-gloom anyway). x
PS - I've just remembered something that makes me just a little bit excited every time I remember it - I went wild today and bought a treat for me and Mr N.  Do you want to know what it is?  Eeeeeek - it's a quilted mattress topper!!  For so many years I have longed for one of these babies and now, finally, I have one (well, I nearly have one - I can't actually pick it up until tomorrow and that's just killing me, but this time tomorrow I will be well and truly ensconced in my bed and that is thrilling).  Oh lordy, that's just made me think of something else completely brilliant that's happening tomorrow - it's the return of Strictly Come Dancing.  
Oh happy day. x


  1. You won't regret the quilty mattress cover - I found it the perfect solution for the buttons which had taken to biting me as I lay in bed. I love your little jar cover - I have had to move my crafty debris a little higher to remove it from the reach of furry friends!

    Pomona x

  2. Lovely little jar cover, very pretty colours and I bet you whipped it up in no time.

    Mildly alarmed at the thought of you skulking around in car parks but I'll try not to worry...

    I love bed. Anything we can do to make our beds more comfy is right up there on my bests list. We have about six pillows and six cushions on our bed which the mister always grumbles about but it is like laying on a cloud... Enjoy that mattress topper!!! Am v jealous xxx

  3. I was once in a car park and unbeknown to me whilst taking my littlest out of the trolly and putting him in the car seat some old boys in the car nearby who I had been having some friendly banter with, told me that my trolly was takin off across the car park with a gust of wind. I ignored them as I figured they were having a laugh. Anyway, when I did turn around my trolly was a good way away heading towards another car. Surveying the situation I removed said trolly from sparkly new car scanning quickly and everything appearing to b alright. I was heading back to my car when someone else shouts to me and the owner of the car was actually sitting in it.......I was mortified. Thankfully there was no damage as I had noticed, but it did look like I was about to make a dash without facing the owner.

    Your little jar cover is lovely and very jealous of your Boden bargain.

    Should I be jealous of your mattress cover, what does it do? I fear I have missed something that everyon else knows about? Damn, I want a mattress cover and I'm not even sure why!

  4. So glad you are feeling better. I love you little jar cover and how wonderful to have a crafty corner just for you.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Anne xx

  5. So glad you are feeling a bit better, sunshine can help in that area. Unless of course you live in Florida where we welcome a cloudy day.
    Love the jar cover,

  6. was it? comfy? delicious sleep????
    hooray for strictly, can't wait!
    love the crochet :o)
    love jooles x

  7. I love the pastel coloured jar jacket, very pretty.
    I hope you had a lovely night's sleep on your extra-comfy bed..!

    Ashley xxx

  8. Very lovely hooky work! Glad you are feeling better now. Happy weekend to you!

  9. Hello, I've just discovered you through Faith's blog and your "About me" made me laugh!
    I'm an ex-pat living in NSW, missing my Boden bargains. I tend to realize the sale is on when it's over!
    I'll definitely be back,
    Sandra x

  10. Lovely jar jacket. Good that you are smiling again. Those quilted bed things are so cosy. Liz :)