Monday, 26 September 2011

❊Watch out, there's a whinger about...

Ugh, I'm feeling tired and run down and sorry for myself and what I'd really, really like to do at this precise moment in time is crawl under my duvet with an enormous piece of cake and have someone on hand whose sole role in life is to play with my hair and rub my feet.  Boo hoo hoo, moan moan moan...
WHY is my daughter a nightmare-inducing insomniac?
When will I get a proper night's sleep again?
Where is the fairy with the magic wand to make all the crud in my house magically disappear, to be replaced by only clean, sparkly, freshly-laundered things?
How can I lose half a stone whilst simultaneously indulging my deep love of wine and cake?
Where is my 'back up brain'?  The one that will kick in when my scrambled egg head forgets things like where exactly I left my children, and hospital appointments, and what I need at Waitrose when I've left my shopping list in the kitchen.  Huh?  Where???
Actually, that 'back up brain' idea's not a bad one - as soon as I can track down my front door keys, I'm hot-footing it to Dragon's Den. x


  1. Oh my gosh! Is it one of those days? (weeks?) Hang in there :) Sounds like your having a well deserved pity party! Do something nice for yourself and let the housework go. As long as the kids aren't hanging outside with the wash you're fine. Maybe you need some new yarn?

  2. Awwww sorry you are feeing so pants. We all get them, and its good to wallow for a bit and get it all out! Hope it all picks up again soon!


  3. Even in the pits of despair you're still funny!


  4. Hmmmmmmmm......*passes duvet & crochet blanket, pile of magazines, lights candle, opens box of chocolates and cuts a slice of cake* hey lady!!! You're entitled to feel like that!! I know I bloody do!! Tis soooo hard being all people to everyone so do as I do and embrace the K2 mountain of washing as a permanent fixture until the kids go off to Uni!! Be kind to yourself and give in to it without feeling guilty!!! I think my back up brain must be somewhere around my bum region cos it seems to be getting bigger!!! Don't be hard on yourself :)being hard on yourself will only make you feel more tired x x

    Jo x x x

  5. Ha ha, you sound like me! We have a thing in our house called the clothes mountain, it is always there, never goes, it appears in reality (well in my life anyway) Faith can't move mountains!

    I said I was starting a diet on Monday, bu our house is full of cake and no one can go on a diet in a house full of cake. Problem is I bake a new batch just as the old one is running out!

  6. That bloody fairy is a work shy malingerer - she has been due at my house for several years now. Hope you have a better day tomorrow (& some sleep!) x

  7. Whinge away, love. When you find that diet that allows huge portions of cake and wine do let me know. Meanwhile I'm wearing control pants.


  8. Well i can be sure of one thing..that fairy is not at mine!
    Give yourself a little love sweet lady ❤
    life occasionally can be a bit crap, fingers crossed for a good nights sleep at least x
    love jooles x

  9. I will purchase from you one, sorry make that two back up brains,
    Please invoice me accordingly,
    Nelly xx
    P.s sometimes it helps to get it off your chest doesn't it!

  10. Mmmm, wine and cake! I would recommend eating a big slice of cake whilst watching old episodes of House of Tiny Tearaways for tips on toddler sleeping techniques. Go for a brisk walk to wake yourself up and burn off the cake calories, try to overlook the dust/mess around the house as it will only get dirty and messy again as soon as you have finished cleaning. Can't help you with the scrambled brain as my brain is just as bad!! xxx

  11. Ooops I seem to have found you on a bad day!!
    I'm beginning to think that fairy is a myth. ;)
    Hope those dragons cough up some money for you. :)
    Vivienne x

  12. I AM YOU.

    Thank t'lord it ain't just me, hon

  13. Oh my goodness, between your post and the lovely comments I am ending up feeling all warm and full of bloggy-love... Cupcakejojo says it all.. and made me giggle too.. my ironing pie is called the 'Ironing Dragon' and I occasionally venture into the depths of Utiity Land to slay the ironing dragon! Be kind to yourself...and get cuddles...lots of cuddles... from whoever is closest.. :)x

  14. You post describes beautifully what most mothers in the world feel when they are overworked, underpaid, stressed and TIRED!!! I so hope you are feeling better soon. Hang in there.
    Anne xx

  15. Hang in there! As they say "Things can only get better" (Oh dear...I'll be humming this all evening). Hope you get the much needed rest and feel chirpy again soon. Cx