Thursday, 22 September 2011

☆ Twinkle, twinkle ☆

The boys and I (okay, mostly I) spent a happy moment or two looking at the lovely sunset that we were treated to last night.  Middle in particular was keen to discover whether the old saying about red skies at night was true and I can confirm that, in this case, it was!  (Mmmmm - that's meant lots of lovely, hung-outside-to-dry washing to sniff today.)
So, apart from inhaling fresh washing smells, I've been frittering away my time making a little pile of these:
I have Plans for these little beauties.  Christmas plans (I've written that bit really small because it makes it less scary).  Plans that involve threading them on invisible thread with little red hearts and beads and then hanging them in the big bay window in our sitting room.  Ooooh, add some little tea lights and some sparkly baubles and I'm already feeling a twinge of the festive spirit (crikey - talk about peaking too early.)
These, which admittedly might seem a trifle premature, have come about as a result of reading this post from the lovely Little Cottage Comforts blog.  What can I say?  I panicked.  She's right - the making starts now or gibbering wreckdom beckons. 
And here is a little peek of something totally and reassuringly unrelated to Christmas - my beautiful Tea Wagon picture:
 Tuhwit tuhwoo, baybeee. x


  1. I love the owl - just gorgeous! Gorgeous sunset - thanks for sharing! I'm glad you posted about your little stars - I started some to make into a garland and Christmas cards and had completely forgotten about go find them!

  2. I am sorry to put you in a panic, but you are obviously so organized that there will be no gibbering in your neck of the woods! I unfortunately am still mainly at the thinking stage, but I am working on it.

    Pomona x

  3. I went out and took pics of the sunset too, we also had the most amazing rainbow, bigger than I've ever seen, I couldn't fit it in my viewfinder! I love the owl, recently I took the kids for a day out at a local park and there were some info boards. They were sayin the tuwhit towhoo was actually a call and reply from two owls, what amused me most was that it is the lady owl which says the 'twit' bit to which th male replies.....sounds about right to me ;-)

  4. The owl is a very cheerful, chirpy, cheeky, chappy.. I love the stars too.. thank you for the linky.. I plan to get ready for Christmas early every year, but have never managed it yet...:)x

  5. As a person who is totally in love with owls, that owl you've made is GORGEOUS!!
    The stars are beautiful and I have some white yarn with a little thread of silver I found in a charity shop which will be perfect for making some of these. I actually bought some Christmas presents yesterday when I was out and about. I refuse to Xmas shop in December. Too much stress.
    Have a fab weekend,
    Anne xx

  6. Oh my gosh, that owl is so cute! I guess it's Game On for Christmas. Your crochet stars are going to be a hit I think. I went to the link for little Cottage Comforts and promptly ordered that tote bag pattern. Time to get busy!

  7. I have also crocheted some pretty snowflakes and will completely copy you regarding the invisible string idea...sorry but thank you very much!!

    Lovely owl and gorgeous sunset, I got our bag of hats/scarf's/gloves etc down from the loft (yuk!)as it was a very chilly school run this morning but I know what you mean about the 'c' word, I'm getting all excited too....


  8. Love, love, LOVING your purchase from TeaWagon!! Gorgeous :D (yes, I'm slightly envious! Hehehehe)

    Jo x x

  9. Time spent making lovely stars is not time frittered away y'know. It is getting ahead with the Christmas List. Essential work. Well done you.

    Oooooh Teawagon treasure. Heavenly.


  10. The owl is soooo gorgeous and the stars very pretty! Cx