Saturday, 17 September 2011

✪ Sunday stuff (on a Saturday)

This is a bit of a belated post - these pictures are actually from last Sunday, but I'm working on the 'better late than never' principle here'
Check out the dog 'refreshment facilities'.
I just love this little shop, which is really no more than a tin shed, but it's been decorated so beautifully and has such an amazing selection of things for sale, that it's a sheer delight to visit.  It's right next to a canal just down the road from us and it caters for passing canal boats as well as walkers so it has everything those two groups of people could possibly need from diesel to fridge magnets (shaped like canal boats, of course) to maps.  Unfortunately it also sells sweets, which the kids get very excited about, and homemade cake, which Mr N and I get very excited about.  (I'm not sure how a slab of coffee cake fits in with my 'oh god, I've still got half a stone of post-baby weight to lose' diet, but what the heck - I loved every mouthful.)  They also have adverts in the window for canal boats that are for sale.  Mr N and I have spent many a happy moment fantasising about being footloose and child responsibility free and living a simple existence on one of these - not sure if Ocado would deliver to a boat though, which could be a problem.
Can you believe all five of us were up, dressed and ready for action by half past nine?  In the morning?  On a Sunday?  Unheard of.  I got into one of my 'right, let's get out and about and do something' moods and so we loaded the car with all the essentials - the boys' bikes, hot chocolate, chocolate biscuits (there's a theme emerging...) and wellies and headed off for some fresh air slash high-calorie action.
Look at this lovely little thing, with a chunk taken out of its wing - I wonder what caused that?
This is the ideal spot to sit and eat chocolate biscuits (or a dried fruit bar in baby n's case, poor girl, she doesn't know what she's missing):
We forgot her coat (oops), but she completely rocked the 'I'm wearing my older brother's jumper' look:
I have to say, I think it works really well with the Gruffalo wellies. x


  1. We've had the 'living on a canal boat' fantasy too, *sigh*.

    Loving the oversized fleece and wellybobs look - what a sweetie pie (and kind big brother)!


  2. Your little one looks very cute in the big fleece. I love shops that sell everything, not too many of those lovely shops to be found anymore. :(
    I hope you are having a lovely weekend,
    Anne xx

  3. She is definitely rocking that look, stylish at that age, very impressive! Sounds like all the elements for a perfect Sunday, especially the choc and homemade cake.

  4. Our household loves The Gruffalo, and the big brothers jumper just looks so cute.

    All up and out by 9.30.....needs to go in the Guinness Book of records, well done you. Tin Hut looks very delightful and thoughtful too.

    Lovely photo's


  5. hello, I'm liking the look of that tin shed :)
    might have to pay a visit for some shed inspiration
    x x Jane x x
    ps hoot hoot look out for postie x

  6. What a super looking day - love the look of the tin shed. Baby looks so cute in that jumper - not everyone can pull off the Gruffalo look!

  7. Looks like a wonderful day and your little one looks adorable in the huge fleece!

  8. She is definitely working that look!
    Loving that tin shop, don't really need to be given any ideas about opening up a random shop though...Hmmmm wonder what else you could do with such a premises....wouldn't it be great if...
    Nelly xxx

  9. Ooooh yes..i think baby n will defiantly be a style icon in years to come, she pulls of that look so beautifully ;o) what a cutie pie
    Sounds and looks like you had a fabulous family day out and an impressive start time!
    lovin those starts!
    love jooles x

  10. She must take after her Mum for being such a stylish laydee! Oh how I'd like a pair of gruffalo welliebobs if only I had size 4 feet coz I could probably fit in a big child's boots but that would never happen with my huge plates of meat!!!

    Sweet tin shop. My Dad has a barge but he has no taste so wouldn't put all the gorgeous painted bargeware on his boat. Such a shame. He has shit curtains too!! I itch to gingham it up a bit. Shame!


  11. Favicon looking GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!