Monday, 5 September 2011

Granny's garden of flowery loveliness part deux

I forgot to mention that I went completely overboard taking photos of my granny's garden when I was in Dorset over the summer.  I thought that if I just sneaked these in, you might not notice or mind too much...(which reminds me of my Blogger-related woes, which I will return to later).
I wanted to bury my nose permanently in this honeysuckle, but it wasn't open properly and there were rather a lot of bees about.
I do love acers *sigh* especially when their leaves change to those amazing pinks and reds and oranges that acers do so well.  They're not quite up there with beeches in my mental 'tree top trumps game', but they're definitely top ten.
And here's a wiggly willow (I'm now going off on a mental tangent imagining the amazing yarn shop I will one day own.  This yarn shop slash haberdashery will be called 'Wiggly Willow' and I will spend all day reading inspirational blogs, stroking balls of yarn and drinking cups of tea from old, mismatched cups.  Gotta have a dream.)
My grandad made this bench from a fallen over tree.  He was a lovely man and I miss him a lot.  One day a few years ago, shortly after my grandad's death, I was in the kitchen and overheard big n talking to someone in the dining room next door.  I walked in and asked him who he was talking to as there was noone else in the room.  He replied that he was telling great-grandad about what he'd done that day as he thought he'd be interested.  I firmly believe that my other grandad (who died the month before I was born) has watched over me as I live my life; and I wonder whether big n has the same thing with this grandad (who died while I was pregnant with middle n).  You never know, do you?
And just because I ended my last installment of granny's garden with a picture of a ladybird's bottom, I'm going to end today with a picture of a lovely furry bee.  Byeeee x
PS - ha - nearly forgot to mention my Blogger issues: my posts don't seem to be updating in other people's blogrolls (or if they do, they take several hours to do it) does anyone have any idea why this might be?  I'm at a complete loss.


  1. What lovely plants she has in her garden, I did the same a couple of weeks ago at my Nan's in Dorset. :-) It must be to do with that fresh Doret air that makes everything grow so well!
    Lovely name for your dream yarn shop, I too dream about similar things..!

    Ashley xxx

  2. Hi Emily,
    I find that happens a lot with blogger. I think I have missed a post to then find out it wasn't on my blog feed. Not sure what is going on in blogger land. I think my brother who passed away 20 years ago watches over my first born son who is 17. They are an awful lot alike for never having met each other. Hope you are having a great day,

  3. Beautiful. I too have similar dreams.... imagine all the fantastic likeminded people you would meet? I am off to dream now...

    Yes, Blogger does irritating things to me too... I just wait for it to pass but I cannot say I understand.


  4. Ahem, you mean our Fakery in Frome right???? But I'll vote for Wiggly Willow ;oD

    This post updated beautifully. Hurrah! Lovely post too. Love a furry bum right at the end.

    I can take no credit for my banner, it was done for me, lucky me.


  5. Hey Emily, looks like your Nan has a lovely garden, I love Honeysuckle. Would like to find just the right spot in my garden to grown one............

    Your dream sounds wonderful..........I usually have two or three on the go at any given time, hehehe............

    Ah, Blogger what would we do without you? Hope your problems are soon sorted.

    Claire :}

  6. Your gran has a beautiful garden Emily. My sister's son says he saw his grandad in his room too and he's only ever seen him in photos! :) Liz

  7. I like your shop, can my posh cake shop go next to it? I want a tea shop with posh cakes and beautiful gallery of art and crafts.

    I have noticed the exact same thing with blogger, not sure why, but was wondering if there is a specific time when things are updated?

  8. I love your granny's garden , it is so beautiful.
    I also love the little story about big n, i totally believe in all that stuff, my lovely dad died when i was 11 and i always feel he is with me and my children, it feels so comforting, i talk to him every night before i go to sleep x

    I have been having the exact same problem with blogger. i did a new post last night and on your list it is still showing my previous post. grrrrr!
    jooles x

  9. Ooooh how lovely! Granny has a gorgeous garden!

    Can I come and work part time in Wiggly Willow please? Pleeeeeaaassssseeeeee!!!

    Jo x x

  10. What a gorgeous garden your granny has, such beautiful flowers. So sad when you want to have a big whif if a prettily perfumed flower and you find a bee got there first. Only consoliation is I suppose that the bee is going to make delicious honey to slather on freshly baked bread! :)
    Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  11. ah, how lovely a garden it is. And lovely to have you over at mine - I've missed my blogging friends of late.
    I should be doing the Ocado shop...but keep finding myself here!
    love fee x
    ps NO to wearing matching socks on purpose. But then I wear pink most days, and only crochet with inevitable! and they are actually Cleggy's socks!)

  12. Wiggly Willow - I'd visit! I love your granny's garden - having afternoon tea surrounded by all those flowers would be divine!