Saturday, 27 August 2011


Oooops.  I seem to have fallen off the blog wagon for a bit.  Life has been a whirlwind and while I've really been enjoying having the kids at home, I seem to get to the evenings, which is when I usually do my blog posts, and find that it's all I can do to lift my wine glass to my lips I'm so tired.  So hey ho, apologies for the quiet and I've just got my fingers firmly crossed that absence really does make the heart grow fonder.
So anyhoo, how do you like the pixie wings in the pic above?  No self-respecting girl can go to a festival and not wear wings, apparently...  I resisted the urge, but I did spend rather a large amount of time in my wellies, which are yellow - does that count?
Now, rather than try to summarise what's been going on over the past week or so, which frankly would take me about three days, I'm just going to share with you three stories on a similar theme.
1) The dress
This incident occurred at the Just So festival and it made me chuckle to myself because it seemed to sum up the whole thing so well (well, that and the fact that I was hideously sleep deprived at the time, which might have had something to do with my hilarity).  Anyway, I was waiting outside one of the toilet blocks when a little girl came down the steps to her mum, who was waiting next to me.  'Oooh' said the mum 'do you want to take your dress out of your knickers, darling?'  'No'.  'Uh, okay then.'
2) Pizza
This again took place at the festival.  Picture the scene: Mr N and middle are in the 'foodie' part of the festival, ordering a pizza for our dinner.  Once they placed the order, the woman serving said that there was about a 20 minute wait and so she'd call them when their pizza was ready.  She then asked them what name she should put on the ticket so that she'd know who to call when it was done; to which middle replied: 'Maloney.  Knickers Maloney.'
3) The toll bridge
The journey home from my mum's in Dorset involves a rather scenic trip through a gorgeous village called Bathampton, which has a tiny toll bridge that we need to cross in order to get to the M4.  For reasons best known only to himself, and probably mainly because he's an eight-year-old boy, big had decided to take his trousers off in the car when we left my mum's house.  As we approached the toll bridge he became a bit concerned that the man collecting the money would see that he was sitting there in his pants, so after a big old fuss he put a pillow over his legs to protect his modesty.  Mr N, hilarious wag that he is, pretended to shout out of the window that 'my son's not wearing any trousers.  He's sitting here in his underwear.  Come and see my son in his undercrackers etc etc.'  To which big calmly wound down his window, stuck his head out, looked at the man collecting the toll money and said 'my dad's wearing knickers today'.  I'm still not sure how I managed not to crash the car.
I'd like to pretend that the subject of bottoms and underwear gets less hilarious the older you get, but actually, I don't really think it does, does it?
Middle and I made a few little essential snack items to take with us to Just So, including the amazing rocky road from my new Avoca cook book (was delicious - yum yum).  And what did I do with the left over marshmallows?
Why, I put them in a jam jar and tied them up with greaseproof paper and a pink ribbon, natch. x


  1. I love your toll bridge story, just classic! It's great when kids start getting humour, my eight year old has brilliant moments of comedy which are such gems they make you giggle like a fool. As for toilet humour in boys, my husband is just as bad as my boys. Glad you're back and obviously been having lovely hols with the kids.

  2. hmmmmm - rocky roads - love them. Local coffee shop to me makes gorgeous ones - with diary milk chocolate and here's the killer - bits of honeycomb through - try next time - delicious

  3. Knickers Maloney!! I love the toll booth story - I wonder if the man will recognise your husband next time?!

  4. Lucky have enough energy to get the glass of wine to your lips!! LOL!! Tonight I couldn't even muster the energy for that! I have retreated to bed for an early night! Cx

  5. The tollridge story is brilliant, it really made me chuckle, classic.

    Love what you have done with the leftover marshmallows, truly beautiful xxx

  6. Tee hee!
    I love kids and their obsessions with all things bottom.

  7. Hellooo,
    So how was the whole tent thing then? Was the festival good?
    Ah nothing like being outwitted by your own chidren, liking his style.
    Rocky road is my absolute favourite, I am constantly on my own secret mission to find the best piece (normally disappointed it has to be said),
    Nelly xxx

  8. In reverse order:
    1. Marshmallows in a frilly capped jar. Perfection.
    2. I have put on 5lbs and it is totally atributable (sp) to Hummingbird Bakery RR
    3. My Dad is wearing knickers. Ho Hem Gee. Laughed out loud!
    4. Knickers Maloney?! There is a theme emerging. I understand the title now.
    5. I think bum on show via dress tucked in knickers is the only way forward. Go on. Tuck yours in now there's a good girl. Get with the vibe. BEsides a bare bottom would look well with those pixie wings which I KNOW you have pinched from Baby Nut.