Sunday, 14 August 2011

That was the week that was

Well hello there, lovely ladies, and how are you all?  I am making a quick bloggy pit-stop in between bouts of frenzied activity of one sort or another.  As I type I am licking jam from my fingers (makes it tricky to type properly when your fingers stick to the key pads, you know) having just spent a very happy hour or so making greengage jam from fruit picked by me and my gang from my gran's garden (the garden of flowery loveliness, you may remember).  Greengages are one of my all-time favourite fruit and I am pleased to report that after our recent picking session, the boys are converted to their sweet loveliness too.  If this jam works out well, I will be writing a post about my efforts (once the jars have cooled sufficiently for me to label them and put little crinkly hats on them ready for their photography session - can't have naked jars on my blog, that simply wouldn't do).  However, if the jam fails to set properly, I will never mention it again in my shame and will have to live in the hope that you will get collective amnesia and forget I ever mentioned it.  Fingers crossed...
Anyhoo, the eagle-eyed among you may have spotted those rather intriguing-looking circles at the top of my post and be wondering what they are all about.  So, with a small drum roll and slight nod of the head, I present you with the first official glimpse of my summer hols blanket.  Dunh duuuuunh:
Yeah babeeeeey, I LOVE this blanket.  This is not a blanket to be used as an accessory for pirate-related activities (a la springtime throw).  No sireee, this is MY blanket and it will be treated with due respect, or there will be serious talking-tos going on, and maybe even a bit of sitting on the bottom step.  And I haven't even finished it yet.  Don't let them say they haven't been warned...
So the past week has seen a bit of jam-making, a bit (a lot) of crochet, a bit of this:
Oh god, please don't drop them...
A bit of this:
quite a lot of this:
Oh yes, bun-bun comes in three different shades - no colour discrimination in this house...
And the final, rather thrilling thing, that happened this week was this:
Ooooh, open this one first, mummy
My amazing giveaway presents.  Thank you so, so much Catherine, I love them all and can report that the chocolate was most delicious - a little thank you will be winging its way to you soon. 
Right-ho, must dash, my next bout of frenzied activity involves packing an excessive amount of bunting and a big box of wine for our trip to the Just So Festival on Friday.  Eeeeeekkk!!!! x


  1. Oooo, lovely, crochet-y goodness and what a gorgeous blanket you have there in the making.
    Love the pile of playmobil knights- I have a similar-looking mash in my house too!
    Have a good week.

  2. Your blanket in the making looks fabulous. Looks like serious fun has been had in your house this past week.
    Anne xx

  3. Yum, I love greengages, especially as jam. I'm afraid I have to settle for the Bonne Maman version. Blanket looks gorgeous. Liz xx

  4. Isn't playmobil the best, if I had my way I would buy it all for myself and have a little room dedicated to it......what?........Only me?! Your blanket looks lovely and the jam sounds scrummy , looks like you have had a very fulfilling week!

  5. You have been busy!
    Your blankie is looking mighty fine :o)
    and i hope your jam will turn out perfectly (i am sure it will) i NEED to see their crinkly hats!
    have a great weekend at the festival
    jooles x
    P.S lovely giveaway goodies x

  6. Lots of lovliness going on over there, as always...

    Can't wait to hear all about this festival, we have said we will go to one next year but want to hear how you get on first (no pressure!)

    Nelly xxx

  7. ...and no pressure on the jam front either - but you know we won't forget!
    fee x

  8. Loveeee the blanket-in-progress, gorgeous!
    Can't wait to hear about the jam, EVEN if it's a disaster!!
    Aren't you lucky winning the Avoca giveaway!! Such lovely goodies! :-)

    Ashley xxx

  9. The blanket is looking great. Hope you enjoy making it. Still plodding along with my blanket, although need to buy more yarn. Do you find that it's difficult to gauge how much yarn you need for a blanket? Either far too much or three more orders needed to finish! x

  10. Hi there,thankyou for popping over to my blog,Hay ago and have been itching to get back since! take care,love juis great isnt it? I went for the first time a few years lie.xxxx