Sunday, 7 August 2011


Aaah, more of my lovely sweetpeas.  When I was pregnant with baby n, the smell of these used to make me barf and every other year I've tried to grow them, I've managed to kill them (how?) so I am completely, disproportionately thrilled that I have managed to keep these ones alive and not throw up every time I walk past them.  Happy days indeed.
Here's a thing: I have gone so completely crazy making my new summer hols blanket that my hands actually ache as I'm typing.  Jeez - a crochet-related injury - does that make it a sport?  Olympic crocheting anyone?  Well, yes please, that would be great; but I'd only participate because Olympic sports are no longer done naked as they were originally (I know about the naked thing because I watched Horrible Histories every day for the entire Easter holidays with the boys).  I have the missing blue yarn in my sweaty mitts now, though the second mint-coloured ball that I ordered from eBay has yet to arrive (cue panic attack).  Just to say a really huge 'thank you' to all you lovely, lovely bloggers who offered to bail me out in the missing-mint-yarn-nightmare.  I really appreciate your kindness and I've tried to contact you all to say thanks, but Linds I can't get in contact with you for some inexplicable reason, so I'm sorry - I have been trying!
So today has been a ploddy, domestic kinda day, which is always great.  I sneaked in a little, tiny quiet moment in bed this morning feverishly working away on my new blanket before I was rumbled and the child-menagerie came and jumped on my head.  (Ha ha, I say 'moment' but in actual fact it was more like an hour and a half.  How brilliant is that?  I love my husband quite a lot, he's so good at containing the mayhem so I'm left in peace...)  We took the kids to the park this afternoon after a long and heated debate about which park we should go to - I won the argument and we got to go to the one with the massive death slide, which I absolutely love.  Mwah ha ha!  This park also has the added appeal of being next to a huge field with goal posts in it, so the boys weren't too disappointed that I forced them to go there.  
I got a little bit excited when I saw these:
(They were transported home in a poo bag that I filched from a passing dog-walker.  Needs must...)
I got even more excited thinking about what calorie-laden delight I was going to make with them.
This did the trick:
Mr N actually blanched at the size of the portion I gave him, but I noticed he didn't actually leave any.  Pig. x
PS - we're off to sunny Dorset for a few days tomorrow so a) if you're a burglar, remember the thing about the hungry, slavering Rottweiller: and b) I may be a bit absent on the blogging front for a while, sorry; and c) if you're Cuckoo, lock all your doors because I know where you live and I'm coming to get myself a crochet hook roll...


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  2. Emily, can't wait to see the blanket. Have a wonderful trip with your family.

  3. Ooh, looking forward to seeing your 'summer hols blanket'! Re the aching hands, I call it crocheters' claw!!

    Love your initiative re the poo bag - hope it was an empty one!! :-)

    Have a super holiday (please nab one of Cuckoo's rolls for me too).


  4. Hey Emily, I can't believe the Sweet Pea perfume made you sick...........glad you're over it, I just love the scent and have a lovely crop growing in my compost heap, lol.....
    Pace yourself on the crochet if your hands/wrists are hurting as it's not much fun if you can't pick up a hook and get stuck into your latest project.

    Have a wonderful time in Dorset and those berries look absolutely delish turned into a dessert.

    Claire :}

  5. Have a great hol.
    Look forward to seeing your blanket!

  6. have a great time, get me a roll too (infact, anything you can carry - that girl's got taste)
    fee x

  7. Hope you have a lovely holiday. Enjoy some relaxation and crochet time. xx

  8. Ok much to chuckle over here. The dog poo bag!!!! That's the sort of brilliance that makes this nation great.

    Ha ha! My crochet hook roll is here in Spain with me. Besides mine is the rubbish one. You need to pop to Templecombe (very close to hansons, well only about 10 miles) and pinch my Mum's. Or you need to go via 'Homebird's' or 'things I learnt the hard way' and nick theirs as theirs are the improved version.


    Ps did you close the front door and lock it when you left?

  9. I love Sweet Peas too. That blackberry pie looks delicious. Have a lovely holiday and see you when you get back!