Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Just a little bit mad

Just look at these beauties.  Big nut and I are big fans of elderflower cordial, so I've been slaving over a hot jam pan the past couple of days making as much as I can before the flowers are over.  Well, 'slaving' is a bit of an exaggeration perhaps, cordial is one of the easiest things ever to make - it would be fairer to say that I've been using cordial-making as an excuse to avoid doing the housework.
Anyway, it's been a productive old session and eight bottles are now lined up in my larder in a rather pleasing fashion.  There's something very satisfying about having stores of homemade food squirrelled away, dontcha think?
It probably seems as though things on the making front have gone a bit quiet round here lately, but I have been quite a busy bee really.  I finished my springtime throw.  I draped it decoratively over the back of the sofa.  The boys used it to snuggle under while watching tv at the weekend.  Baby nut dragged it around the house a bit.  I put it back on the sofa.  I looked at it with my head on one side.  I rubbed my chin.  And then I decided it needed an edge.  So I've been making it an edge.  I just hope I'm not making a mistake and over-egging the pudding, I've seen Vanessa's springtime throw looking absolutely stunning in its edgelessness, and I do have to ask myself why I think mine would look better with rows of granny stitch round it, but there you go - it's having an edge and fingers crossed it looks okay! 
One way or another, this baby will be finished by next Saturday, when Mr N and I are taking the boys to see an outdoor theatre company perform Fantastic Mr Fox (crocheted blankets are a must...)  We're all pretty excited about this outing, which is part of Mr N's fortieth bday present:
We're also going to need lots of crocheted blankets in the summer, when we're going to.....(drum roll please).....a festivalWith the children.  I am soooo ridiculously excited about this, but I also think we might be just a little bit mad.  Three children.  In a tent.  For two nights.  Lunacy.
It's called the Just So Festival and it's for families - check out the link and let me know how highly we score on the madness scale.  I showed the boys the website when I got back from work on Saturday and middle nut's head almost exploded with excitement.  They didn't go to sleep until nine o'clock, they were so busy planning their itinerary, which mainly involved joining Robin Hood bootcamp, the midnight feast and the bushcraft skills workshop - I'm more excited about the family yoga sessions and the knitted art installation (everyone can knit a leaf or a flower and they're all joined together to create one enormous piece in the woods - what's not to love about that??)
I'm so looking forward to this that I have already indulged in a bit of pre-emptive, camping-related shopping:
I'm also halfway through a little tent-related make, but I'll show you that another day, my granny stripe edging is calling me x


  1. Did I miss a ta-dah! post for the springtime throw? I can see it draped alluringly over your garden bench (gorgeous looking garden by the way, you're lucky to have lots of space - ours is tiny) but I'm greedy to see more!

    I've had a look at the stripy scarf tutorial and decided that I'm going to use my pink and brown soft yarn. But I'm stuck already - on the edging bit. I'm an absolute beginner I know but do you do the edging at the end then? And what do you mean Yarn Over at the beginning? Do I add on the yarn, yarn over and then start straight into the first stitch? Could you maybe help clarify for me a little please? So sorry to be a pain but I really want to make this scarf and I'm a dufus. Thanks x

    Bet you can't wait for the festival, I'd be excited too. Don't think you're at all mad.

    Nicki xx

  2. Oooooh how exciting! Sounds like it will be an amazing memory making experince for the whole family.

    and you certainly cannot camp with out colourful melamine cups and plates!

    j x

  3. how funny - GB asked me just this morning if we could make some 'elderly berry drink'! (I've never made it before and have no elderley berries so may nee to think before agreeing!)
    Lovely blanket, lovely garden, festival envy (sounds right up our street) and melamine must haves.
    Happy day
    fee x

  4. I made some cordial last week - it's yummy but strictly rationed as we only have two and a half bottles of it! I also bought those bowls yesterday - great minds!
    I don't think camping with kids at a festival is lunacy - perfect idea and of course the kids will love it. Can I have a mahoosive slice of that cake... please?! xx

  5. I would love to make Elderflower cordial but have no access to elderflowers....so it will just have to be shop bought still!!!!!

    Your blanket is looking awesome! Do you know I had the same thing about the edging! I think I am so used to putting edging on my blankets that it sort of seemed unfinished without one.....but I couldn't decided what kind to do. In the end I left it as I did love how it was in the book, but you never know, one might be put on there one day!!!!! It has been a great hit with the family and I am so glad I made it.....but wont be making anything as big for a while now...I was pooped after making that!!!!!

    Have a super day!


  6. Thanks for your lovely comments - it's so nice to know there are people who appreciate the same things as me!
    Nicki - yes, do the edging at the end. Basically you follow the steps in the order I've written them (the first edge continues straight on from your final row of trebles and then you join the other edge in with a new piece of yarn right at the end). When I say yarn over, I just mean wrap the yarn over the hook, then put hook through the next-but-one stitch (ie miss a stitch) and make a treble as normal. Once you're into the swing of it, it's really easy, it's basically just rows of trebles backwards and forwards then the little edges. Once you've done all your trebling, email me if you're still stuck on the edge and I'll talk you through it! Sorry it's confusing! Hope this clears it up
    Emily x

  7. We have heaps of elderflowers, and your post has inspired me to make some cordial - thank you! Erika Price Jewelry

  8. Thanks for clarifying - I getcha (altho I'll be asking more questions when I get to the edge... so to speak!). Thank you, can't wait to make it!

    And yes of course you can have the recipe for the almond cake - I think I'll put a recipe across the top bar for it. Eeek, how exciting!

    Hope you're having a lovely week. xx

  9. Ahh too much to comment on from one post. I found you through my sisters blog (Chippernelly) and fancied a look at your Elderflower cordial. Gorgeous blog. Love the idea of taking your children to a festival, must let us know how it goes...we are hoping to take our little girl camping this summer but am a little worried it might be a disaster,
    Nelly xxx

  10. Just stumbled upon your blog and love it!

    The festival sounds brilliant, Im sure you will have a fab time!


  11. Ooh yes I'd love the receipe thanks.
    I am going to be on the look out for any random elderflower growing when out on my next long walk to get Mabel to sleep...
    I'll check out the recipe tab,
    Nelly xxx

  12. That CAKE!!!!!! Wow!

    I think the blanket will be darling with an edge and if not just unravel it, apt for your blog title hey?

    I have table cloth envy. I can say no more.