Thursday, 16 June 2011

Elderflower cordial recipe and a tent-related make

Just to let you know that I've posted the recipe for elderflower cordial on my 'cake' tab at the top of my blog (here you go, Nelly!)  I hope you like it - let me know how you get on if you do make it!  Good luck getting the citric acid - it can be a bit tricky to get hold of as it's used to make bombs too, apparently.  I got it from my local chemist - I think they made a snap decision based on appearances alone and decided that, on balance, I'm probably wasn't a terrorist.  Phew.  I'm sitting here with a glass of it by my side - it's especially yum with sparkling water. 
I also mentioned a tent-related make in my last post....and.....ta-daaaaaahhhh:
I give you: tent bunting (and a splat of bird poo, which I didn't spot when I took the photo - nice).  What do you think?  
I also made some bunting for my shed while I was at it (is that normal?)
I love that fact that every other flag has upside-down dogs on it; it adds a certain je ne sais quoi, don't you think? x


  1. Loving that you've posted the recipe (for elderly berry drink!) - and since nelly is my own little sister I'll be expecting some ready to pour for our next visit!
    You can never have too much bunting in my opinion so if your shed was needing it then it's only right you added some.
    just lovely
    fee x

  2. Mmmm I am liking that dog print fabric.
    Huge thanks for the mention - Feeling the pressure to find those elderflowers now - it will become an obsession no doubt!
    I love how the chemist decide if you are a terrorist. It is much the same as checking if you o.k to have large quantities of paracetamol. You go to the counter when needing to buy more than about 7 and they 'check' that you can be trusted with them...How!?!

  3. shed bunting is quite normal and in fact absolutely necessary! so petty, love the fabrics too
    and i love love love your little rainbow Ta...daaaaaahhhhh! so cute

  4. Im really feeling like I should have a go at elderflower cordial - will keep my eye out for some flowers this weekend.

    Love the bunting (and the bird poo - doesnt it get everywhere??)

    Shed bunting, in my opinion (which is not some humble in this instance!!) is perfectly normal and completely compulsory!!

    Have a super weekend, Helenxx

  5. Hello Emily,
    Love the bunting. Last week I made your Nana's Gingerbread cake and it was oh so delicious. In my excitment I managed to get the wet ingredients measurements wrong (doubled the milk for some reason, then had to quickly add more flour, ginger, etc. And it still turned out marvellous and very BIG. Thank you so much for sharing. Will definitely be making it again but will pay more attention next time! Liz xxx

  6. I think the bird poo adds a kind of authenticity to your picture. You wouldn't want to appear too perfect and this bird has helped you avoid that. Frankly I think your bunting should be everywhere. I am looking at some of your fine bunting as I speak - it decorates my computer cbinted thingy. Now, on a serious note, when do I get to try some of this cordial? I'm glad you call it cordial. Where I am from (the colonies) cordial is the only word. Squash? No.

  7. Nothing beats an upside down dog and a dollop of bird splat!! Roaring with laughter. I'm so juvenile, any thing poo related.....

    Oi, how'd you do that fabside bar pic of crochet hearts with the In Love With Crochet writing? I wanna do something like that. Although I'm not friends with Blogger at the moment, stupid banner issues..... My blog is looking dodge.

    Would you like more elder flower recipes? I have a torn out page from a mag with cakes etc... on it. Shall I photo copy and sent it to you? Or I'll send it to a friend with a scanner and then she can email me it so I can forward it to you. i don't expect you to give me your address, being as mad as I am ;oD