Friday, 10 June 2011

Feet, a lizard and a 'how to'

In my mosaic-related excitement, I forgot to include these photos in my last post.  Dunno why, but I ended up taking lots of photos of the little nuts' feet while we were away - got to make the most of the boys' feet looking cute while they're little, because they sure as hell aren't going to look cute once they get hairy!
Big nut, who's looking a bit like he needs a bit of a going-over with the nail scissors.
Middle nut, who doesn't need a going-over with the nail scissors because he bites his toe nails.  
(I love him beyond all reason, but even I think that that's completely gross).
And baby nut, who's only just getting to grips with how brilliant feet are for things like running away from your naughty older brothers.
While we were in Wales, big nut, my nature boy, had an amazing encounter with a lizard:
We were all completely amazed as this fearless little chap came slowly up to big nut's hand and actually seemed to be checking it out.  I can't believe it didn't high-tail it off the rock and into a crevice, as there were five enormous humans looming over him stifling squeaks of amazement, but really he just seemed to be curious about the big pink thing that had arrived on his patch.  (Ah, I bet there are people reading this who are really blase about things like close encounters with reptiles, but we were all thrilled by it - suburbanites that we are).
Now, the main purpose of my post to day is to say..........................
check out my crochet tab...I have finally done the treat scarf 'how to'.
I'm sorry this has taken so long and I would like to point out that this isn't a tutorial, sorry.  I just hadn't planned on anyone else being interested in my little stripy creation and so I didn't take any pics as I was going along.  This is more of a 'how I did it'/pattern.  I really hope you find it useful and clear, but please just contact me if you are trying to make at and there's anything that you're not sure about - I'm really happy to help.  Edit:  I've just published the crochet page with the pattern on and now I'm really nervous
Oooh, brilliant, Mr N's just got home from the supermarket with chocolate - happy days x


  1. Hi Emily.

    I just popped over here from Cuckoo's blog. I LOVE your scarf. I'm crocheting a blanket with the same Sublime yarn, it's heavenly isn't it? I've also had a peek at your 'how to' and it looks great, don't be nervous!

    Heather x

    PS. Hmmm, know what you mean about chewing toe nails - I caught my son doing it while sitting on MY bed tonight. Bleurgh!

  2. Hi Emily,thankyou for the scarf tutorial ,I m definatly going to have a go at it. My son used to bite his toe nails too,when he was little,thank goodness he's grown out of it :O
    have a lovely weekend juliexxxx

  3. My #1 son has the most revoltingly damp, sweaty, mouldy looking feet...and is the one who chooses to bite his toe nails. It actually makes me wretch! (although all three of them have equally gross habits too grim to list on this lovely blog!)

    Am saving all the tutorials for when I can crochet...but equally impressed that you have tabs!
    fee x
    (technologically stunted!)

  4. love the feet photo' son used to bite his toenails too, probably still does !
    cute lizard too
    j x

  5. Husband badgering me to watch the film but I just dropped by to check out your tute... I'm going to try it this week! I'll let you know how I go with it. Great that you've done this, thank you.

    Catch up with your blog posts later, loving little sandy feet!

    Nicki xx

  6. I bite my sons toenails. Is that gross? Actually that's a lie. None of use bite our toenails but a two of the Cuckoo clan pick their nose and eats the treasure. Now that makes me vomit. Off to check out your tute and to email you as I have been having a big ole think about some of the stuff you said and so I need to brain dump on you!!!


  7. Hi - I'm a new follower! Love the gorgeous crochet in your blog header! :o)