Friday, 24 June 2011

In the pipeline

The edge of the edge...
I have to sew the ends of the edge in and then....I have finished!!!!  And how serendipitous - we're going to see Fantastic Mr Fox at an outdoor theatre tomorrow - I will wear my blanket with pride and will be scanning the people around me to make sure they're fully appreciating it too.  (If you're a burglar reading this, we don't feed the Rottweiler on the nights we go out...)
So now I've just about finished this baby, my mind's racing on to what to do next.  I've given up on my Fimo-related project - I couldn't for the life of me get the second 'bump' on the 3D hearts the same size as the first one and it just became too annoying for me to cope with.  (Life's too short to stress about heart bumps, you know.)  So I'm planning to make a short length of heart bunting from my left over cushion yarn, using a lovely pattern I found on Ravelry.  I'm hoping this will be a really nice quick thing to make for a bit of instant gratification after the mammoth beastie that is my springtime throw.
I've also been sucked in by the John Lewis sale and have two new sets of yarn for nothing in particular:
I'm thinking that I might make a cushion for our bedroom with this - it's Rowan milk cotton and I've got a sneaking suspicion it might be a bit of a splitter, but it feels amazing.  Baby N (aka my crochet assistant) is just thinking that she'd quite like to give it a bit of a chew:
She may only be fifteen months old, but she has the speed of a ninja when she's pinching things she shouldn't be.
And sticking with the Rowan theme:
I love, love, love this yarn, which I used to make my hexy placemat thing that I gave to Bookworm; so when I saw this at half price I was powerless to resist.  I've got two balls of the bluey colour and one of the purpley colour.  I think I'm going to make myself a pair of wristwarmers with this as it's just so beautiful and soft (I know...wristwarmers...June...)  Blimey, the ninja strikes again:
Life's been a bit crazy lately and I've now added 'neglecting my blogging life' to my list of things to feel guilty about - so: I'm sorry if I've been a bit lax with the visits and comments lately, and 'hello' and 'thank you' to my lovely new followers.
Thank you and good night x


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  2. Sorry too many errors in the first comment:

    We don't care if you're lax, we love you anyway and will be here when you have time for blogging! Take that point of your list now.

    Yarn ENVY! I have doggy chews here and I'm coming over to thieve your yarn and your scarf. Wah ha haaaaa!! And this comment will act as my alibi as surely I wouldn't advertise my intentions if I were a "real burgli-er" (are you familiar with Drop Dead Fred? Your boys would love it. It's funnier second time round.

    Oh and if you think your spring time blanket is safe from theft I've got news for you, Ill be waiting in the shadows to ambush you on your return....Wah ha haaaaaaaa (again)


  3. Oh my word, what scrummy colours - just love them!

    Never feel guilty about blogging/not blogging - its all just a bit of fun!

    Hope you enjoyed Fantastic Mr Fox, I love Roald Dhal!


  4. ooooh your springtime throw looks gorgeous and very snuggly, fantastic Mr Fox will be even more fantasic with your throw keeping you snug!
    your new yarn looks lush, i am missing all the fab sales ...poooooo! hey maybe i'll try internet sales...can do that ok :o)
    j x