Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Quite a good day really

Is it me, or do school days start with quite a hefty dose of stress?  Today was no exception, with the usual crazy rush to get out the door ("get your shoes on.  Get your shoes on!!  GEEET YOUR SHOOOES OOON!!!  No, it's too late for toast, why didn't you eat your breakfast?  No, I don't know where your gloves are.  Stop that, you're standing on your sister's hand.  Where are my keys?  Aaaaaagh")  You know how it goes.  Frankly, I think that after that, it's up hill all the way. 
After school drop off, I met with a couple of friends and while baby Nut obligingly slept in the pushchair, I had a cup of Earl Grey and a slice of toasted panettone - well, who wouldn't be happy with that?  The sun was out too, which always makes things peachy.  I get very carried away with thoughts of spring when the sun ventures out and although spring hasn't quite made it yet, I do feel that it's only just around the corner now.  Surely?
I really felt the need for some new fresh flowers to replace the last lot which were looking a bit droopy and sorry for themselves, so went to one of the local greengrocer's, which sells some lovely flowers in buckets outside the front of the shop.  After perhaps a slightly unnecessarily long time deciding which colours to have (you can't rush these things, you know), I picked these:


It seems to have been another day of unexpected lovelies - the man in my favourite bread shop gave me this little bag of gingerbread men and I got home to find a £10 voucher from Boden sitting on my front door mat. what to spend that on....?

Hope your day's been a sunny one too x

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