Sunday, 13 February 2011

Presents a-go-go

Aren't they gorge?  These beauties were a 'pre-Valentine's' present from Mr Nut when I got back from work yesterday.  It seems to have become a bit of our tradition in our house to buy flowers while I'm at work on Saturday (and I didn't even invent that tradition myself!)  It's such a nice welcome home from work to have the bigger two Nuts running to the door with flowers, and baby Nut crawling under their feet to get to me.
Yesterday was a day of unexpected surprises.  I was lucky enough to get this little treasure while I was at work...

Looks tempting, doesn't it?

Oooh, even more tempting!

This little packet of postcards is pure pleasure in paper form.  They're part of something called Picture Book Parade, which is being run by Macmillan Books to showcase some of the talented new illustrators they have working on their children's books, and I'm already excited about having an excuse to send them to people!  If I knew how to put in a link to Macmillan, I would...  Note to self: work out how to insert hyperlinks.
So, what with presents and even a little bit of sun on Saturday, I've had a lovely weekend.  Hope yours has been good too x

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