Monday, 28 February 2011

Quick updates

This is just going to be a quick, update post today.  Here are four of the little stuffed hearts I've made, I love the fact that they're all slightly different sizes with the different yarns - shows they're handmade!  I found the pattern at this beautiful blog here and I've made them with odds and ends of yarn from my stash, mostly cottons.
Progress on my springtime throw is going well:
Mr Nut keeps coming upstairs and rolling his eyes as he finds me sitting on the bed saying 'just one more square, just one more square...'  I'm obsessed by making these little squares - they're very therapeutic indeed!  I'm using Sirdar Country Style DK, which is a pure wool and although it feels a little hairy when I'm crocheting with it, oddly the squares feel soft when they're made up.  Explain that... x
Edit: 17 May 2011 - oops, it's not pure wool, not sure what was going on there!  It's a mixture of fibres - wool, acrylic and nylon


  1. Hey Emily,welcome to the world of blogging. Have had a lovely browse through your blog, loved the crochet bunting it looks great and your little hearts are sooooo cute.
    I'm hooked on crochet at the moment and every time I find myself sitting down I have to crochet a couple of rows of my rug. It's just soooo addicitive.
    Your rug is going to look wonderful when it's finished.

    Claire :}

  2. Thank you so much Claire - how exciting to get a comment!
    I've had a look at your lovely blog - beautiful, beautiful cushions - love them. There are so many really talented people out there in blogland.
    Crochet is completely addictive, isn't it? I've had to start a sneaky 'interim project' so I can finish something while I'm still working on my throw, that's how bad I am!
    Thanks again for your comment