Saturday, 12 February 2011

Excitement all round

Oh, there is a palpable air of excitement in the Monkeynut family today (or, at least, there is in my bit of it).  Yes, after months of humming and ha-ing, I have finally got around to getting myself a blog.  I even have a domain name, which is almost more excitement than I can cope with.  The idea that someone deciding to trawl the net for a blog called 'unravelled' might eventually stumble across me is amazing!  I have so many ideas for my little blog - I know exactly how I want it to look and how I want it to 'feel' - so much I'd like to do with it, so much I don't know how to do...  This is definitely going to be a blog of trial and error!
So, why the name 'unravelled'?  There are two reasons really: firstly, because I think it describes my life so well - I seem to live in a permanent state of chaos (children, school runs, friends, work, life - it all seems to happen at once); and secondly because I love crafting, especially all things hooky.  I made a resolution this year - to learn how to crochet - and this blog is intended to be a glimpse into my world and my efforts with a hook!
So there it is, in a nutshell - the start of the journey.  I really hope it's a good one x

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