Saturday, 26 February 2011

Crochet - my life so far

It all started with this:
A beautiful blanket that my clever mum made for baby Nut when she was born. I love this blanket a lot and wanted to unravel the mystery surrounding how it had been made (it was mysterious to me, at least)  This idea went on the back burner for a while as I tried to get to grips with life with three children, but by the new year things had settled down a bit and I decided to make learning to crochet one of my missions for 2011 - always good to have missions, I think - I like to feel like I'm achieving something other than just keeping my head above water and my children in clean clothes.
My first real project was this:
And I can't wait for baby Nut's birthday to try out the new birthday bunting!  (Something strange is happening to my camera, so apologies for the odd colours in the photos)
I've also been slightly obsessed with the little hearts I mentioned in my 'apathy' post - I turned some of them into these little gift tags (photo taken on my phone):
I just made a loop of chain from the middle of the heart, so that they can be hung from a door handle, then slid the loop down a slit at the top of a piece of card (then stamped the name on, using my lovely 'AB Seas' stamp set, which I bought on Amazon)  I do like a bit of accessorising. 
I have also made several of the little stuffed hearts in the picture at the top of this post - in fact, I've made one for each of the family, but haven't had a chance to take photos yet - I'll do a proper post on them once I've got my camera sorted.
So, on to my latest project - it's my first real, big project and I am a bit nervous about never finishing it, or making it completely badly, or baby Nut pulling it apart as fast as I can make it.  It's taken from this book (my crochet book du jour):
And although it does have the word 'cute' in the title, which is usually enough to make me run a mile, I do love this book - it's got some lovely things in it.  I am hoping to make this, 'springtime throw':
Updates to follow! x

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