Friday, 18 February 2011

Apathy r us

Today's post was to be a post of 'ta-dahs'.  Ta-dahs and hurrahs for all the things I've got planned that I've finally managed to finish; things I've managed to achieve over the past couple of days.  Sadly, however, I have achieved almost nothing noticeable over the past two days - in fact, they've been nothing short of an achievement vacuum.  Humph. 
One of the main things I intended to do was to save these poor things from a doomed existence on my garden table:

The plan was simple - clean these:

then quickly and efficiently pot up those poor, sad flowers.  Baby Nut, however, had another plan - one that involved waking from her lunchtime sleep after only half an hour and really, REALLY crying for quite a long time.  Poor bub - I think it was her tummy bothering her again (baby Nut has an impressive array of food intolerances), so I had to put down my trowel and just cuddle my poor girl until she cheered up.
The other notable thing I have failed to complete recently is this:

As you can see, I managed to get as far as writing the title of the book I should have read for my book group yesterday, but really didn't get much further than that.  The down side to joining a book group is that I don't often get time to read books (and if I do have time in which I could read, I'd rather crochet and I'm not up to doing both at the same time yet!).  The up side is that I do have an excuse to use the rather lovely Paperchase notebook that a good friend gave me for my birthday recently.  Every cloud...
Well, after being a bit hard on myself there, I am going to end this post on an achievement high.  Here is a pretty little something I rustled up for baby Nut's bedroom when I was in between crochet projects:

I followed Julia Crossland's pattern for teeny tiny crochet hearts from her lovely blog.  Julia has made them into bunting, but I wanted to make something to hang in the window, so came up with these three little hearts hanging on a chain and I am pretty pleased with them, if I do say so myself!

 So there we have it, a teeny, tiny ta-dah x

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  1. Well done on those hearts!! You now have me thinking about making strings of them like that myself (as if I don't have 6 billion other crochet projects or ideas on the go!).

    Lovely to find you this evening, hope you have a great weekend and welcome to Blogland.

    Much love
    Julia x