Sunday, 20 March 2011

A weekend away

Well, this post comes to you from a slightly tired and emotional Nut house tonight.  We've been away for a lovely weekend with good friends in Surrey and you know, when you've got four adults and seven (yes, seven) children in a house, sleep doesn't feature highly on the 'list of things to do'.
One thing that definitely does make an appearance on the to do list, however, is a trip to Wisley.  I just love the place.
These two photos are taken at the (quite) new play area, where the children had an absolutely brilliant time running around with sticks.  It was brilliant right up to the point that middle Nut took a stick to the head and had to make an emergency dash to first aid.  I did a great impression of someone trying hard, and failing, not to panic.  That wasn't so brilliant.  Luckily, impressive bump aside, he was fine.
We decided to indulge in slightly less crazy activities after that, so had a great lunch in the restaurant and then wandered through the garden looking at the amazing flowers.
Aren't hellebores just gorgeous?
Really, I could just have spent all afternoon wandering aimlessly with my mouth open, but Mr Nut wasn't quite so keen and the kids were getting embarrassed by my gormless appearance; so we left.
The weather was just so great that when we got back I sneaked out into the garden for a bit of sunny hooky time.  Middle Nut (complete with egg head) popped out with me for a bit of mother-son bonding.
That boy's a real gem.
Oooh, observe the blue and pinkiness of my little hook roll - one of my first projects, and one that I use all the time.
Happy days.  Hope you had a lovely, sunny weekend too. x

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  1. I would have been walking around slack jawed too... I was just looking through your blog with my big 7 year old and we had to stop and look at the lego for ages. Needless to say, we have both enjoyed our visit sooo much. Lots of love, Kate (from greedy for colour)xxooxx.