Sunday, 6 March 2011

The sun has got its hat on... we just had to get out and about and make the most of it.  
We headed for a nearby alpaca farm, which seemed like the perfect place to spend a bit of good, wholesome family time on a sunny Sunday afternoon.
Sadly, the alpacas weren't overly keen on coming and talking to us - something to do with having two small, hyperactive children, possibly?  (And one slightly smaller, slightly less hyperactice child, growling at them, which is what you do when you're nearly one and see an animal - natch)  This lovely beastie was a lot more friendly though:

I think guanacos might be my new favourite animal.
Hmmmm, though these ladies, who we spied through a hedge, come a very close second:
Here's a quick quiz, before I go: imagine you're a seven-year-old boy, running along a path, suddenly this sign catches your eye:
you stop, read the sign then tell your parents what the sign says.  What do you do next???? x
Will give you a sneaky peek of my latest interim crochet project tomorrow - I have to have small projects on the go while I work on my blanket - I like a bit of variety!

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  1. Hey Emily, thanks for popping by, nice to hear from you.
    Lovely farm visit, that feather with it's little spots is just gorgeous. You've given me an idea! I wonder if it will work, stay tuned............
    I bet your boys had a wonderful time there.
    Shall pop back tomorrow to check out your sneaky crochet project, hehe....

    Hope you are having a good week,

    Claire :}