Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Bobbly joy

After a fierce internal debate the other day ("the floors really are very mucky.....Hmmmm, but there's that rather lovely remnant of CK fabric upstairs.....C'mon, mop the floors woman.....Ooooh, but I could make a.....") I decided to dust off my sewing machine and whip up a little something for some instant gratification.  And what could be more instantly gratifying than a stripy tablecloth with a cheery, bobbly red edging, I ask you?
My poor old sewing machine has been a bit neglected of late.  Lying patiently under the bed, it's just been waiting for me to return to it.  I've been very wrapped up in my shiny new friend, crochet, but really, sewing is still like the old pair of comfy slippers I return to again and again.
I trimmed a bit off the width, hemmed the edges, then hand sewed the bobbly edging on.  I love hand sewing - very satisfying and therapeutic.  And here it is, looking all lovely on the dining room table:
The floors are still mucky, but you know, I smile every time I walk into the dining room.
Work on the springtime throw is coming on a-pace:
It's very satisfying to see the little piles of squares growing, slowly but surely.
And goodness me, as if all that activity wasn't enough to make me need to have a little sit down with a cup of tea, I've also started my next book club book.
Baby Nut's not fully got to grips with the finer details yet! x


  1. Oooh Emily, who cares about mucky floors, when you've got such a fab cloth on the table? Fancy hand sewing on all that trim, I LOVE it......
    Your Springtime throw is going to look great too, the piles of squares are multiplying rapidly, great effort.

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire :)

  2. Ooooh I love the colours of your blanket! I am having fun at the moment, but daunted by the sheer number of these squares to make and really hope that boredom doesn't set in to spoil it!!!! Cannot wait to see your finished blanket in all its glory!

    Have a super day!

    Vanessa xxx