Sunday, 27 March 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

When I saw this leaf, I just had to photograph it - I felt such a strong empathy with it.  I too have been feeling a bit old and shrivelled myself of late.  Just a bit spent.  Life has been madly, crazily busy and sometimes it feels as though my feet never touch the ground.  I've got so many balls in the air that if I pause for breath, they all come crashing down around my ears.  All my time and energy has been going into doing things I need to do and doing things I want to do just doesn't come into it.  Crochet, reading, blogging, sleeping - sadly neglected of late.  Anyway, things from now on should slow down a bit, so I'm hoping that I can start doing the things I love to do again.
(Mmmmm, lovely - pause for slurping sounds - a hot chocolate in my new mug - aka 'hot chocolate mug mark II' - more on that at a later date.)
I now feel, after that little moan, that I need to highlight the silver linings in all this busy-ness; the first is that I've been working a lot, which means I've been earning, which is really fantastic and something for which I am extremely grateful; the second is that we have seen a lot of really lovely, old friends over the past two weekends - and I am also extremely grateful for that.
Anyway, now I've got that off my chest (!), here is a brief glimpse of my week:
The sun has been out in all its glory and on Wednesday, I managed to sneak outside for half an hour for a bit of illicit hooky time while baby nut had her sleep.
Springtime throw production line in full flow!
A few weeks ago I feared that my little herb garden was no more, but just look what has appeared since then:
Lovely chives.  My two little thymes have survived the freezing winter too, which is great news.
The sun has given me the urge for garden picnics too - middle nut and I used to enjoy them all the time before he started school (boo) and now baby nut, who is going to be one whole year old next Sunday, is just getting to the age where she likes them too (hooray!)  Of course, we just had to christen our new picnic rug:
Aaah, happy days with my baby girl.
So, just a brief post tonight, but lots of ideas for posts buzzing around in my head.  A crochet update post will come in the next day or two - I'm working on another interim project, and I can finally do my hexy project ta-dah.  I also have a Very Important Birthday Party to plan.  I just need to work out what party food to make for a baby who can't eat wheat, gluten, milk, dairy, soya or eggs... x

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