Monday, 28 March 2011

Hexy happiness

Today I am at home.  On my own.  Normally this never, ever, ever happens and although I'm at home (as opposed to being at work) because I'm not very well, I am secretly enjoying it.  There's just me and my cup of tea.
If you were to spy on me through my sitting room window, you might think that I am looking unhurried and relaxed, but actually I am very busy.  What am I so busy doing? I hear you ask.  Well, for starters I am busy ignoring this:
I think you'll agree that this is quite a hugely large pile of ironing, but you know, if you were to ask me why it's sitting on the sofa and not all nicely folded and put away, I would tell you that if I'm not well enough to be at work (which I'm not), I'm not well enough to be doing the ironing.  So that's my excuse.  And I'm sticking to it.
I am also quite busy with a pile of secret birthday presents and a lovely roll of Emma Bridgewater wrapping paper, my book club book (which I am really enjoying and have nearly finished), my springtime throw and a rather lovely looking plum that is about to become an ex-plum.  You see, it really is all go around here.
So in keeping with the general tone of efficiency, I thought I would finally do my hexy ta-dah.
You may remember from an earlier post that I was making a house warming present for a friend from some lovely Rowan wool cotton that I picked up on my trip to Dorset in February.  Well, she has finally moved house and so I can now reveal what it is that I made her.  Are you ready?
I always get massively nervous giving people something I've made.  I think I'm scared that they might secretly hate it and never want to use it, but feel compelled to because they're nice and don't want to hurt my feelings.  Or is that just me?  Anyway, she seemed very pleased with it, which was good.  I just need to remember to give her advance notice before I come round, so she can dig it out of the drawer, dust it off, and put it out ready for my arrival! x


  1. Beautiful, beautiful hexys - I do love the colour. Reminds me of the sea.

    Hope you feel better soon...or not if you get what I mean?

    take care and 'hello'

    Nina xxxx

  2. Hey Emily, hope you're feeling better now and I should think you would be ignoring the ironing............ Unfortunately, it will be still there when you are feeling better!

    Love your hexy mat, gorgeous colours. I'm sure your friend will be thrilled with it.

    So what's the next project going to be?

    Hope you are having some nice sunny weather,

    Claire :)

  3. I think that mat is amazing and frankly, if you had done that ironing you would have been a crazed fool, even if you were feeling tops, which you were not...Hope you are feeling better.