Sunday, 5 February 2012

The gubbins post

So today I present you with a random collection of things.
random thing one: these hyacinths smell a bit lush, sitting on my sitting room windowsill.  I've gone a bit bulb-crazy, actually - we've got a little pot of daffodils that middle brought back from school to raise money for Macmillan and a pot of narcissi that called out to me from the shelves of Waitrose as I was doing a quick sweep for weekend rations on Friday.
random thing two: I've sorted out my bunting.  aaaaahh - sigh.  It's so much more Zen now:
random thing three: I love this little jug, which a very lovely friend gave me for my birthday.  I've put it on the radiator cover in the hall where I can see it every time I come in the house - though this is does qualify as pure madness - it's almost crying out for some clumsy dervish to whirl past it and knock it off:
random thing four: I'm at a slight loss with my crochet projects at the moment.  I am desperate to start the starry blanket for my boy, but I still haven't located the elusive, perfect yarn - grrrr.  I'm also mulling over a ripply blanket in pinks, greens and creams for the sitting room and am thinking about using Drops cotton light - has anyone used this?  What's it like?  For the moment, until I can finally start my next big, 'proper' project, I've been fiddling away making some little hearts:
I have plans for turning these into a garland to hang on an old mirror that I'm going to paint white and hang in my newly-redecorated-yet-mysteriously-already-grubby hallway.
I've also been messing about with some little bits with a vague idea of making a hangy thing for my beautiful nephew, who I'm going to visit in a couple of weeks - the added boon is that his mum and dad (my lovely brother) will be there too.
random thing five: I've been given two awards recently - the Versatile Blogger from The Craft Giraffe - thank you so much, Niamh; and Liebster Blog from Chaos, Kids, Crochet and Cake - thank you Sandra!
And with that I bid you adieu - here's hoping we don't all disappear under a snow drift... x


  1. Emily, I love a random post, seems like mine are more and more random all the time. I have been a bit flower crazy myself lately. And by the way love those little hearts!

    1. Random posts, I love them. You get a little bit of this and that....
      It's lovely to see your bunting hanging and of course those little hearts are very pretty. I've had a bit of a thing for crochet hearts recently. And I do love your jug, the colour is delicious and polka dots are so cheerful, don't you think?
      Have a wonderful day,
      Anne xx

  2. Ha! Love this post! And I laughed at your mysteriously-already-grubby hallway... Same happens here.

    I'm going to make some hearts too. I am so your copy cat.

    Have a great week!!

    Nicki xx

    1. the security code I just had to type was 'bellywax'. Ick.

  3. I'm loving all your gubbins in your post :D I like a bit of random....think it's because I'm a bit random! Mr cupcake would call me eccentric....I like it that way!! And yep that was a pale pink Kitchenaid.....I'm in love with it! *swoons daily at pale pink Kitchenaid* yay for bright pink ones too!!!!!!!

    Hope you have a great week lovely x

    Jo x x x

  4. Hello, I have just had a nice little look round your blog, I love your crochet projects and your Son's Gruffalo wellies, my daughter sports a pair too! I am trying to get the hang of crochet and have son enjoyed looking at your springtime throw. Thank you!

  5. Yes, the zen is definitely with you now......

    Loving your randomly random post and how exciting to be on the brink of a big projects, big projects which are blanket shaped are the best!

    Have a great end of week and weekend!x

  6. Hey Emily, I don't blame you for being a little bulb those Hyacinths.
    Their perfume is delightful......

    Love the crocheted hearts and stars too cute.
    Great 'Random' post,hope you the perfect yarn doesn't elude you for too long.
    Love seeing your wonderful blankets.

    Hope you have some blue sky and sunshine over there. Have a great weekend,

    Claire :}

  7. Beautiful crochet! I am going on a learn to crochet course soon and I am ludicrously excited. I can't believe I have lived for so long with some hooking in my life. It's nice to have some small and achievable craft projects on the go between the biggies.