Sunday, 26 February 2012

Granny ripple blanket

A very lovely and very old (by 'old' I mean that I've known her for ever, not that she's geriatric) friend of mine is having a baby in May.  This is a) very exciting and b) will hopefully quell these bloomin' broody urges that have been sneaking up on me lately - Mr N's tittering nervously to himself as I type that, whilst simultaneously Googling vasectomy clinics.  It took me about three years of constant badgering to wear him down to agreeing to have a third child - and as for four - what am I talking about?  I must be completely crackers - having a fourth child would send me completely and irrevocably over the edge...  Maybe it's just one of those things that never entirely goes away - maybe there's always a tiny little part of my subconscious brain that will always have thoughts of having another baby no matter how much I can rationalise the utter madness of the idea.  What do you think? 
Anyhoo, as this friend is such a gem I've been feeling a certain amount of pressure to come up with the perfect present for her baby, so the past few weeks have seen a fair amount of chin stroking and uncharacteristic mulling over of things and a number of fruitless trips to my LYS (aka John Lewis).   I finally found just the yarn I was looking for last week - it's Debbie Bliss Eco Baby organic cotton, which is a new yarn to me and I'm pleased I've discovered it because it's just beautiful - it feels like a dream when it's made up - just the sort of thing you'd want to be cuddled up in if you were a small, new person.  I already knew the pattern I wanted to use - granny ripple (which I found at the LazyHobbyHopper blog) and so as soon as I had the yarn, I could get cracking - hurrah, for I've been at a right crochet impasse recently. 
Here's a little peek at it so far:
And with that, I'm off to tuck myself up in bed with my hot water bottle, my hook and a nice bit of Radio Four.  It's middle aged rock n roll, baby. x
PS - there's still time to enter my giveaway, if you haven't done so yet!


  1. The yarn looks gorgeous. Enjoy creating.
    As for a fourth baby. How many more nappies do you want to change? How many night feeds do you want to get up for? How little sleep would you like to get for the next two years after baby is born? How many fights do you want to have disagreeing over name choices?
    Then on the other hand. How many hours will you spend marvelling over how a little person develops in you belly? Do you want to remember the thrill of the first flutter when they move for the first time in your belly? Do you want to remember when you look into your childs eyes for the first time and think to yourself "I made you"? Do you want to experience a baby's very first smile, when they call you mum for the first time? Do you want to experience the bonding that happens at feeding time?......I really do go on don't I?! Sorry. Good luck with decision making. :)
    Anne xx

  2. Yey, excuse to make a blanket! Gorgeous colours!

    No.4 talks in our house go so far as to talk about a blonde curly girl that we don't have, then we realise what a nightmare she would probably be to her three older brothers.....hhhhmmmmm, if I was to have a fourth (boy or girl I don't actually mind) it would have to be now as the age gap would be too big otherwise in my own mind.......its funny, as you say I wonder if the feeling ever goes away with some people....I loved being pregnant.....hhhmmmmm

    I think maybe I'll just busy myself with thoughts on new yarn and blankets!

  3. I only have one child but I am keen to have many! My husband is adamant we will only have two. I think, whatever happens for us, I will always want another baby!
    The crochet is beautiful and bed with a hotwater bottle, crochet and Radio four sounds devine!

  4. My babies are all big now :o( I miss those early years so much and was broody for years but now the thought of actually having to get up in the middle of the night is a horrific idea!!
    i shall look forward to having grandchilren somewhere in the (very far...i hope) future.
    What a lucky little new baby....the blanket is going to be gorgeous and snuggly
    have a great week
    love jooles x

  5. Those birds! Oh those birds!!!

    What is it about us gals who go bonkers after babies never quite feeling like we are done. I wonder if there's a teeny tiny bit of us that thinks I'll do it better next time, I'll enjoy it more next time........I think that is part of my broodiness, the fact that I wasn't able to enjoy a few months of babydom because my hormones had gone all odd and sent me sad and mad.

    Lovely colour choices for the granny ripple. Verrrrrrrrrrry nice.

    You're meeting up with Fee this week aren't you? V envious. We met up on Saturday and I am hopelessly in love now.


  6. Oooh that wool looks lush! It's going to be a lovely present for a little human being which I'm sure will be treasured for years :)

    As for having another baby...well the feelings do pass!! Fear not & hold on to your sanity woman!! I am so blooming glad I didn't have any more. Two are my limit. There's no way I could go back to getting up all night and oh the potty training, weaning, painting poo on hall floors....nah not for me any more! A couple of kittens and a puppy did the trick :D No matter how many we have there will always come a point when we have to have our last one. The next stage of life as a family is lovely. It's taken a while to come to terms that that part of my life is over but I'm looking forward tot he future :D

    Hope you have a super week and your evening sounds like bliss to me!! My sort of rock 'n roll girlfriend!!

    Jo x x x

  7. That blanket will be beautiful, what a perfect gift. As for the broodiness, I don't think it ever really goes away. Mine are five and two and, despite EVERYTHING, I still feel that pull. But then I cuddle my friend's newborns and am so happy to hand them back so that must tell me something. No more leaky boobs for me!

  8. I am so glad I'm not the only one! I have three children and feel totally blessed... ard worn out at times too ;-) I'm forty three now so I know there will be no more although my midwife strongly believe I should have a fourth. Some friend have said they knew when they wouldn't have any more chidren because they no longer felt broody when seeing newborn babies. This is not the case with me. I still remember the thrill of those first days with a brand new baby. That feeling will never go away and sometimes I mourn the fact that episode of my life is finished.

    And breathe.

    Beautiful blanket by the way. I'm off to take part in your giveaway.

  9. The yarn is beautiful and I love the sneak peek of the granny ripple - have fun!

  10. Ooooh you tease! I was to see more than a peak!!! :o)
    Maria x

  11. One of my best friends had 5 kids and asked me if I thought she was crazy for wanting more. I only have 2, so of course, I thought 5 was more than enough. :) She wound up having two more for a grand total of 7, though the last one wasn't planned. Now at 43, she thinks of what it would have been like to only have 3 children and how easy it would be. Ha! Your blanket is beautiful and will be a wonderful gift. Best wishes, Tammy

  12. I laughed at this post, first you are a lovely friend. I think we all get that crazy final urge that we want just one more, I think we forget how much work pregnancy, delivery and a newborn are.
    Hugs to you,

  13. Ooh I *love* the look of your blanket! The colours are so beautiful and the yarn looks a lovely texture.

    I've been teaching myself to crochet for the past few evenings and progress is good. I'd eventually love to do a ripple blanket, they're so pretty :)

  14. Hello.. My name is Shari and I am your newest follower!! I am a crochet lover also and new to blogging! I love this blanket you are making... the colors are just beautiful. I tend to stick to light colors, ( I don't know why), but I need to venture out with brighter colors more often.. Very nice reading your stories and so would have love that giveaway.. I like that book!
    Your newest follower:) Shari