Thursday, 1 March 2012

Giveaway winner and other smiley things

Happy, happy, happy little crocuses - little purple beauties, all the more lovely because they're a great early source of nectar for our poor, struggling bees.  I fear I have confirmed my neighbours' suspicions that I have completely taken leave of my senses by plodding outside in my slippers today to take a quick photo of them looking all beautiful and luminous in the afternoon sun.  Having said that, Mr N was somewhat surprised to meet our neighbours outside in their pyjamas one particularly windy night when I sent him outside to investigate an ominously loud crashing sound - it was our recycling bin hitting the deck and distributing its contents all over the driveway.  I believe he said something like 'evening' to our neighbours, as they picked the contents of their paper bin from their front garden, and proceeded to act like it was, in fact, quite normal to be outside with no underwear on in the middle of the night in a gale.
Another little bit of happy for me today was a luxurious, child-free lunch spent sitting in my dining room messing about on the Internet, eating my new favourite thing:
Toasted ciabatta with cherry tomatoes, red pepper, mozarella and basil.  (ooops, I just dribbled on the keyboard).
And another happy thing is this:
While I was enjoying said yummy ciabatta, I wrote down the names of all you lovely people who entered my giveaway and put them in one of my lovely new Pip bowls.  I shut my eyes tight and pulled out:
Congratulations Cupcakejojo - I know you've been having a bit of a rum old time of things lately, so I hope that this little parcel with bring a smile to your face.  Please just email me your address and I'll get it in the post to you pronto.  Thank you so much to everyone who entered and I'm sorry you couldn't all win something!  It is my mission now to have a good old look at 'new-to-me' blogs - I'm so looking forward to meeting some lovely, new people!
The final thing that's been making me smile, and I'll say this very quietly for fear of jinxing it me, or is spring in the air? x


  1. Hilarious - I can imagine that scenario in a sitcom!

    Hmmmmm, bruschetta - one of my favourites.

    Well done to Cupcake JJ - she deserves a treat.


  2. Say whaaaaaa!!! Arghh!!!!!!! Whoop de whoop!!!!!!!

    Oh my god, oh my god!! I never win owt!!!

    I've felt quite sad & have found myself crying a fair bit today which has taken me by surprise, so to click here and find this is ah-MAZ-ing!!!!! Oh I think I shall smile & elbow Mr Cupcake in the side to tell him....that is sure to make me smile too, I may have to elbow him twice! Thank you lovely Emily :D I think Spring is most definitely in the air x


    Jo x x x

  3. aw, so glad someone nice won! I love giveaways!
    I went to pick #2 up from basketball yesterday in my PJ bottoms and (unattractive) stripy bootie slippers, not planning to get out the car. Unfortunatly, as I was in a coutesy car (thanks to the wall) #2 didn't recognise me - and I ended up having to get out and walk across the bloomin playground. I wasn't best pleased...#2 was mortified!
    fee x

  4. Delicious lunch! I had Mozzerella, toms and basil salad today too mmmm! Congrats to the winner.

  5. Love the neighbour story, ours definitely think we are weird! The lunch looks lovely!

  6. Congrats to the lucky winner. That ciabatto is right up my alley. Yummo! Have a fabulous day. Tammy

  7. That lunch looks amazing! We are always having to retrieve sand box lids and other plastic toys from our neighbours garden after a gale!

  8. YES SPRING IS IN THE AIR!!!!!!! WHOOOP WHOOP ;O) sorry didn't mean to shout.
    congratulations to to lovely and lucky Mrs cupcake.
    yummy lunch
    happy weekend
    love jooles x

  9. Aw, lucky Cupcake Jojo- she deserves a lovely win, I reckon!
    Great neighbour story- I think mine think I lost the plot after seeing me lying on the grass, trying to photograph tiny crochet korknisse and swearing when the little sods kept falling over. Hey ho..
    Have a great weekend.

  10. I just dribbled too.
    I have that bowl.
    I wish it were me...
    ...but CCjj has been having a pooey time so I'm gladdened it was she.


  11. Your lunch looks yummy - as does the bowl!!

  12. Yum, basil....I am seriously scary lookin in the morning, so normally have to right myself before going downstairs on a farm is fun like hat, as people seem to think that it is fine to ring or call round at unearthly hours.

    Crap I didn't win, but glad that ccjj did!

  13. Ah, so pleased that our JoJo won it, even if I'm slightly bitter that I lost out.

    Your lunch is one of my favourite ever snacks. Just love it. My lunches are never so posh - usually just a curled up cheese sandwich, or a chocolate bar if I've been really lazy.