Monday, 5 March 2012

Snapshots of a week

High tea with friends on Sunday.  I thoroughly enjoyed this and have plans to make this a regular feature of life in our house.  Cake, cheesy nibbles and wine.  Dreamy, dreamy!
Look - a bowl of tomatoes - just to prove it wasn't all high-sugar, high-calorie fare. Tokenism, that's what it is.
Some of my beautiful new Pip collection.  It gives me a little thrill every time I catch sight of the dresser.  Once upon a time it used to be Hobbs shoes, now it's plates....
A lovely, sunny day at home with my two smallest babes.  All the more lovely because my middlest child was supposed to be at school, so it felt a bit naughty.  (If you happen to be a teacher and reading this - he did have a temperature the night before, honest.)  We pottered and potted:
My first session on my new and lovely allotment (more, oh so much more, on this to come):
Do you know what Mr N said when he saw this photo?  'Bloody hell, look at my hairline.'  You'd need a magnifying glass to even see his head, but like a laser, his eyes were drawn to it.  Pa-ra-noid.
Still working away on my granny ripple blanket and really, really loving it:
I'm in ripple heaven, me. x


  1. The cake looks delish! Love the ripple blanket x

  2. Wonderful pictures from your weekend - cake, gardening & crochet. A perfect combination x

  3. Your high tea looks yummy and those Pip bowls are so pretty too :)

  4. Yum....high tea.....YES PLEASE ;o)
    can't wait to hear all about your allotment
    and that ripple looks gorgeous GORGEOUS
    have a lovely week
    love jooles x

  5. Cake, cheesy nibbles and wine.....what dreams are made of!

    Wish I was good at gardening, really not that brilliant, anything that grows in my garden is despite all my efforts.

    Loving the blanket and your lovely bowls, are they teetering a little, they are making me worry a little bit!

  6. oh Pip, Oh PIP. How much we all love Pip! I wanted to call Mini Pip. It was another name that got veto'd (along with Django)

    Nice cans, Niiiiice. I'm still pleased as punch with mine. Thank you for the idea.

    We had afternnon tea the week before last and we said then (as we always do) this should be a weekly thing! But it never seems to catch on.

    Is that WHOLE plot your allotment? OH MY GOODNESS! I have a gardening fear. That would freak me out. I need you to say what you are planting/doing so I can just follow you. I haven't got a clue about gardening.

    Come on gal, lets see the ripple when it's not all bunched up!

    Hope Middle N is well again now. I've had Little home ill since Wednesday. I think he is over it now but he has slept for almost 5 solid days and I miss him.


  7. I have PiP bowl envy! I spy a little green jug from Laura Ashley..... one lives in my house too :) I could just do with a slice of cake. I've not baked for months and a slice of home baked cake would be just super. Ooooh and you have an allotment! What excitement....can't wait to see what you grow & feast on.

    Hope you're having a lovely week x

    Jo x x x

    1. High tea, now there is a nice idea for a weekend. Looking forward to seeing what you grow in your allotment, nothing beats home grown anything. Love your granny ripple so much I've just had a look at a tutorial and it looks like fun. Something else to put on my list of goals for this year.
      Anne xx

  8. It sounds like a perfect day. Love puttering around the house and with your little ones around it is all the better. Can we come over for tea? It looks lovely.
    Hugs to you,

  9. Lovely post - I too have a thing for high tea. I don't usually bother with the token tomatoes though! I'm very envious of your allotment - I had one for years and miss it in weather like this. Enjoy XX

  10. Where oh WHERE did you get the giant white cans with tomatoes on them?? They look suspiciously like the ones I saw in pizza express recently (i nearly put on the the little cans in my pocket - bad...) I love them, they make excellent planters!

  11. OHHH I'm so jealous an allotment,I would loveeee one of them there things ,I tried to grow some veg last year well It didn't go has planned and this year I was full of enthusiasm for tthe lovely veg ,I was gunner grow ..UNTIL the darn pesky cat started to poop everyday in the lovely patch Ive just cleared ,now I don't know what to do ,don't much fancy Rocket with a unique flavour.
    I'v also got some pip envy,gorgeous bowls.
    Hope you have a lovely week and thanks for the lovely comment on my blog
    XX Manda XX

  12. Am liking the colours of your ripple blanket soooo much!
    And what a lovely treat to have an allotment- may it bring your lots of mucky family fun and a bowl or two of tomatoes to have at your high teas!!
    Nearly the weekend...!

  13. Hello there - I've "tagged" you. :-) Go to my blog to read all about it! Gillian x

  14. I think wine goes with anything. Looks like a lovely week. Happy weekend wishes. Tammy

  15. Hi Emily, just thought I would say hello - have only just found your blog which is funny given how many blogging friends we have in common! Looking forward to having a proper nose through your older posts when I get a bit more time :) Jenny x p.s Love your ripple!

  16. Good evening Emily. So lovely to catch up with you. Yes, yes, yes to hightea. Possibly one of the lovlies meals invented by the British. They just don't do it here in France although they have apperitifs which go on for hours and hours...

    Beautiful colours in your blanket: very springlike.

    A little day off school from time to time keeps them healthy and happy in my humble opinion ;-)

  17. Hello there,

    Inspired by our catch up I am right back in the blogging world! You didn't mention your allotment (mind you there is only so much you can say in a couple of hours) how ace. I have dabbled in veg growing over the last few years but absolutely love it - so rewarding (and tasty) to be eating your own veg.
    Nelly x
    P.s A 'temperature' you say?

  18. Just catching up here. Lovely post, and what fun you will have with that allotment. We've had to give up on our dreams of one for now (boo hoo) so I shall look forward to reading all about yours :D Please tell Mr. N I had to look really hard before I found his head, there's no hope I'd see his hairline!

  19. Was lovely dropping by today. You have a sweet place here :-)