Monday, 13 February 2012

Winter blahs

Ugh, I'm having a massive attack of the winter blahs today*.  Blah, blah, blah.  Big, fat, ploppy blah.
Blah one - one of my absolute best, most lovely friends moved a long way away on Friday and I am veeeeery sad about that.  She and I saw each other almost every day for the past six years - during which time we both had babies, we both had worries about our children being bullied, we discovered a mutual love of John Lewis, tea cakes, Chanel perfume, White Company lamps and white wine amongst other things and we discovered that we are both, in fact, sweaty buffoons.  I mean by that, that we get ridiculously intimidated by other people, jibber incoherently, go a bit red and sweaty and walk away feeling like we've made a complete tit of ourselves and then spend quite a considerable amount of time angsting over that fact that said intimidating person probably thinks we're an idiot.  I think if you too are a sweaty buffoon, you will be nodding in understanding and sympathy with this, in which case I salute you and say 'welcome to the club'.
Blah two -I'm currently experiencing a wellie crisis and I'm getting a bit fed up with it.  I need wellies, I spend a lot of time pelting about in the mud with my boys and I have an allotment (eeeek - did you see how I slipped that in there??)  It's a long and boring story, but it involves wellies that rub my ankles, wellies that perish after about five minutes, wellies that leak, wellies that I can't squish my sturdy calves into (when I lived in Lesotho I met a woman who said to me 'aaaah, you have beeeeg legs.  They are gooood legs, like mine.  You can walk well with your legs'.  She meant it as a compliment.  I felt like sobbing into my rucksack.  It's a cultural thing.)
Blah three - Yarn.  Horns.  Dilemma. 
Blah four - my daughter pooed on the floor this morning.  She did it in her pyjamas and it fell down her trouser leg onto the floor, where she trod on it.  This was my fault - I neglected to mention to Mr N that she was without a nappy as I swanned out the door to work.  Ooops
Blah five - I took loads of photos of my little heart chainy buntingy thing this morning - I think it looks really pretty in the hallway, but all the photos are really noisy and some are a bit blurry (I obviously took them before my morning cup of tea had kicked in) and I'm just annoyed about that.  So it's just the one photo today - I hope you can get the gist of it.  Soz x
* This is an expression that I have shamelessly copied from Lucy Attic 24 - I think it may be the best expression I have heard for a very long time.
PS - do you like the way I've used blah colours for my bullet points today?


  1. May all your blahs melt away into spring x

  2. Emily, sorry you feel 'blah', however, just point number one is more than enough to justify it. How awful, especially if your friend appreciates John Lewis! Just this week I found reasons to go twice!

  3. Hmmmmm *passes crochet shawl so Emily can wrap herself up in some crochet hugs* blah days are pants, big, shitty poo pants! You got through the day though so big hug for you x. I regulary jibber incoherently and get most annoyed when people point out my red stress rash to me.....bum to them!!! Big bums!!!

    Wellie crisis....I too have suffered the agony of trying to find a pair of wellies that will home my calfs comfortably...OH bought me a pair of Hunter wide ones ( I couodn't bring myself to spend on them!)....they are finally comfortable, I can tuck my jeans into them without cutting off my circulation whislt rambling through muddy puddles...bonus point: they are bright pink too! I know they are pricey but well worth it compared to the pairs & pairs of others that I've brought only to chuck out.

    Haha for the the poo! Brought back memories of when my Little Cupcake pooed in her nappy, we were decorating at the time, she found an inch brush, stuck it in the poo nappy and then painted the hall floor with it, I screamed when walking down the stairs at which point Big cupcake who was 4 at the time came runnign only to slip in it & land on her back in it. Mr Cupcake was working in Italy at the time, so I phoned him in Italky crying & screaming down the phone! At the time I sat on the stairs and I do laugh about it with the girls :) And as for your bunting well I think it's just simply gorgoeus and a lovely pic!!!

    Don't say soz :) we're here to share the blah, we all have them!!! *sends more big non-blah hugs* :)

    Jo x x x

    P.S. Yes your blah coloured bullet points are very blah....I don not like them!!! Blah!!!

    P.P.S. Your post made me smile, soz :) I was feeling blah too! x

    P.P.P.S. I will now stop taking up room in your comments!!!!! :) x

  4. YOur BLah's made me smile!!!
    THe poop story is so gross it is funny.
    Sorry your buddy moved away...that is something to be sad about....
    give it time...

  5. Hey Emily, yes, you certainly have a massive dose of the BLAHS.
    The first reason is definitely enough to bring on a case of the BLAHS but I couldn't help but laugh at your 'big fat, ploppy blah' description, sorry!!

    I'm with Karen and I hope all your blahs have melted away by the end of the day and you have found something to cheer you up.

    Your bunting looks sweet, like coconut ice, all that pink and white yumminess......

    Boots and calves, hmmmm.'ve reminded me that I need to fit into my red leather boots this Winter. They just fit last season, but I had to buy them as I had been searching for just the right colour for ages.......

    Spring is round the corner, lots of thing for you to look forward to. If I could figure out how to package up some of our sunshine and send it to you, it would be done in a trice.......

    Claire x

  6. I hear you! I have been both the one left behind and the one doing the leaving, both are very hard and sucky.
    As for winter blah's I used to dread February in the UK and eventually was aware enough to book in some nice things to cheer myself up - treat yourself to something sunny! TBH winter in Aus isn't much better believe it or not! Maybe not so cold or quite so gloomy but I still struggle - bizarre! Hope you're week gets better
    Sandra x

  7. Sending big hugs to you... lots of people are having the blahs at the is the lack of sunshine I suppose... I'm sorry your friend moved away... maybe you could do a joint blog like the one that 'Nimble Fingers and Steady Eyebrows' do to keep in touch? Do you know that the days are getting longer by about 2 minutes every day... spring will soon be here... more big hugs.. :)x

  8. ahhh sweet's ok to be sad sometimes, my advice to you: let yourself wallow for a little while and then move on.
    I was so sad to read about your friend, i know exactly how you feel my best friend in the whole wide world moved to australia (australia??? can you believe it?!) a few years back and i was (i am) heartbroken, it is her birthday tomorrow so we shall be having a phone chat. It gets easier and you find fun ways to be in touch like silly emails and notes, look after that lovely heart of yours x
    by the way, may i join your sweaty buffoon club? you described me to the letter! it was a spooky read!
    happy love day
    love jooles x

  9. We all love you...does that make you feel better? We are here for you and you can talk to us about anything and we will never think anything bad a t all. My best friend lives in North Carolina, my sister in New York. I talk to them almost everyday and some days several times. You and your friend will stay very close. Sorry about the poo issues, it happens to the best of us.
    Happy Valentine's Day sweetie.

  10. Hello Emily. Your blog is lovely. The bit on your blah post about poo made me laugh out loud. My two year old helpfully took off his dirty nappy last week - the poo fell out, he trod in it, walked it all over his sisters

    Chin up, Spring will be here soon! Gillian x

  11. Ha!! I'm sorry but your post made me laugh. I've had the blahs too so it was good that you made me laugh and cheered me up. My blahs are post-Christmas and post-illness weight-gain related. I wouldn't mind it's just my jeans (and everything else) are super tight. I look like a sausage in everything I own right now.

    You know where to come if you'd like some Joules wellies, right? They have some great boots in which are lace up wellies - bet you'd be alright with those. I have a pair and LOVE them.

    WHEN did you get an allotment? I'm soooo jealous. I'd love that. Are they expensive?

    Hope you get over the blahs soon. Wine helps.

  12. I too, am a sweaty bafoon, although I add to the ridiculousness of it by crying when I get frustrated/angry/embarrassed not ideal when the situation calls for 'I'm assertive' and I'm a big snivelling wreck.

    I think there are lots of blahs about at the mo, but they are on the move and as above a glass of red will ease the situation until they do!

  13. Hunters are the only way to go (no more ankle rubbing) - both the wellies and the socks (and such fabulous colours). Love the blog by the way - so impressive.

  14. OK,
    Blah 1 - can fill the John Lewis/cake/wine/Channel gap for you!!! (just checked you said perfume, as opposed to handbags...can't fill that gap! Mine is Mademoiselle) Well, I could fill it if I could find a bloomin slot for our promised date. Will get back to you.
    Blah 2 - my wellies are from Asda (chic!) They are black and pink and only come half way up. I frequently have a hankering for a hunter...but no need.
    Blah 3 - no idea - sorry
    Blah 4 - too funny (sorry)
    Blah 5 - what? on auto? (te he)

    I'm also with Nikki - wine helps. And chocolate.
    SEE you soon - I'm on it.
    fee x
    (just noticed this was a good few days ago - hope you're over it by now)

  15. Aw bless!
    Crappy days are just so blah, you're right.
    But, I do love your bunting- it's so cheery.
    Hope the blahs leave your home soon.