Tuesday, 21 June 2011

New crochet book

Today oi ha' mostly bin makin' flowers...
I think they're lovely and absolutely perfect for a spot of instant gratification (which, as you know, I'm a big fan of).  
I'm also thinking hair clips, brooches and, of course, bunting:
These (which are called hellebores in my new crochet book - don't look that much like hellebores to me, but anyhoooo) are my favourites:
And this one is my favourite of the favourites:
These are made from my new book (soz for the slightly dodgy pictures):
I was very excited about this book arriving (I've had it on back-order for ages; it's only just been published) and just couldn't wait to get started when it finally came.  The first thing I realised, which I stupidly hadn't cottoned on to before, is that it's American.  This in itself isn't a problem, but my crochet head speaks English and so when I've been making these flowers, I've been translating as I go.  This is all well and good when I actually remember that I'm supposed to be translating... (I'll say no more about that other than that there have been a couple of slightly irritable unpicking incidents)  Humph.  And while I'm in a slightly niggly mood: it doesn't tell you when to change colours.  Sometimes it's obvious, but sometimes it's not.  And that's just a bit irritating.
That said, it's got some lovely looking things in it and I know I will return to it again and again when I want to add a little bit of something to a project.  It's laid out in a clear, logical way and has both written and drawn patterns, which is good.  It has taken its rightful place on the bookshelf with all my other inspiration/source books, and I would recommend it, but just make sure you've got your American crochet head on!
I'll finish this post with a 'blossom' (colour combo chosen by my lovely friend Bookworm) isn't it pretty? x


  1. don't be telling me there's more than 1 crochet language...I can't even speak the english version yet!
    I ordered some of those flowers from ebay a while ago and haven't used them for anything yet - just like them sitting around (story of my life)

    Now - will happily make you something for your girl. You can mail me on chippernelly@hotmail.co.uk.

    Let me know what you have in mind and I can always email you some paper colours for approval!
    fee x
    ps - just messaging you as you are me...that always makes me smile!

  2. Lovely flowers Emily.

    I saw that book too and bookmarked it. I'm glad you've posted about it though as if it is in American terms I'm a goner! I think I shall probably go for another one I spotted which is in English terms, I think, I hope. It's 100 flowers to knit and crochet I think.

    I've already made that mistake with another book and found it most annoying.

    Bunting will look lovely. Have fun. xxx

  3. Fabulous crochet makes Emily, love them all! These are just the type of thing I like to make. Only one prob...looks like thats another book on my wishlist...


  4. Beautiful! I have been considering this book...I'm now convinced! Amazon here I come! Cx

  5. Oooh lovely! I can agree that crocheting flowers is addictive. It's great to see some different flowers to the ones in the book I have. And the good thing is, they take such little time to make, that they handy to knock up in between larger projects. Sometimes it takes longer to choose which colours to use than it does to crochet them!! x

  6. Mmmmmm - is all I've got to say to those little beauties!
    P.s I managed to find the elderflower, pick it discretely (it was on a country lane but just in case) and bring it home.
    Then....I forgot to buy the dam acid stuff.
    Last night G Kisby asked it we could throw out the weird bag of dead flowers making the house smell of wee...oops.
    Maybe next year...
    Nelly xxx